Eve teasing

08 Feb

Eve teasing is such type of experience which is tasted by those who get the chances to stay in hostels. Most of the enjoyment in terms of eve teasing comes from the hostel life. But I could not enjoy it during my college life. In university life also, I have not seen such type of eve teasing from any side. So far I remember, we (me and Jayshree) enjoyed it a bit in the Holi only. That day, we continuously threw comments from our hostel balcony to those who came to our hostel to play Holi with their classmates…thats all. I think that did not complete the definition of an eve teasing. That was nothing but the descent eve teasing, keeping in mind all the time about the limit it should have.

If you want to get the real taste of eve teasing, make a visit to the Gauhati university hostel campus. When I was in the research scholar hostel, one day at the noon, I was shocked after hearing the comments, the girls passed to the male visitors. The male visitors have to be nervous and can not stand at one place inside the hostel campus, no matter how much he is smart in his personality. In one campus, there are seven girls hostels. So if some male visitor enters the campus, all the boarders get informed by the comments passed by the nearer hostels. the boarders even do not hesitate to pass the funny comments just in front of the visitors also.

One day, I personally faced two male visitors who could not but laughing at the comments passed to them from their back. They were quite confused what to do after hearing the comments. The girl said loudly that if the boy looked back to them, then she would confirm that the boy loved her and if he was not then it was assumed that she herself fell in love with him. After hearing such type of comments, the visitors definitely enjoyed the eve teasing.

While it is the eve teasing, then the question of seniority should not come to it. But one day, our one research scholar friend passed through the boys hostel campus. She was teased continuously at that time. But she got angry at them. She went to them and warned them for the eve teasing. Her logic was that she was the senior to them, so she should not be teased by the students of a master degree course. Instantly, the boys confessed their guilty saying her “Sorry Aunty, don’t mind ha.” Our friend herself ashamed for her behavior. From that day onwards, she was treated by the boys as an old lady and asked about her family.

Eve teasing is a simple pleasure…it should not go to that extend so that it causes crimes in the society. Both the side should be within the limit…then it can be enjoyed a lot. Try it for that simple pleasure…….


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2 responses to “Eve teasing

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    February 8, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Teasing can’t be a pleasure, that too between total strangers

  2. facebook layouts

    February 15, 2011 at 9:33 am

    thnx bro


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