Which one is important???

07 Feb

Yesterday we went to Pagoda, the Buddhist stupa at Gorai, Borivali. There suddenly we met one Assamese family who has been staying in Mumbai for last 12 years. Most interestingly, they came to us only for the mekhela sador which my mother always wears all the time at all places. We had a great time over there. The person was very much interested in our profession though he himself is an employee of ONGC for the last 20 years!!! Any way, all the topics got the chances in our discussions. They are very much worried about their kids future career…they are just confusing in which subject their kids should go for….which subject is the most important and usefull in present situation….

In the return journey….one very interesting and funny incident knocked my mind. It was a Sunday noon…we were gossiping at the balcony of our very own BCN girls’ hostel, on the damaged use less beds. Suddenly the topic of the important subject arrived in our gossip. At that time, our group was from all the departments. So we started giving arguments in favor of our own subjects.

Anamika Dutta ( Chemical Science) started that since the whole universe is based on molecules, so there can not be anything without Chemistry.

Semim Afruja (physics): Without physics nothing can be imagined…we are now here only because of physics, without it we can not stay in this BCN girls hostel. All the constructions, the measurements of a building is based on physics.

Listening to the above logics, I stood in favor of my subject, Mathematics. I gave the logic that if some body ignored my subject, then he could not survive in this world. Because the only subject which is used day to day routine works is none other than Mathematics.

Dhanakshi Buragohain (Cultural Studies) also gave her point to save her subject. She argued that without culture, no chemistry, no physics, no mathematics would be survived any longer. Since for the entire humanity, culture has its own importance.

Finally, Rajeswari Sinha (English) opened her mouth. She gave the ultimate logic in support of her subject after which we could not keep arguing any longer. According to her, the whole universe, the whole building, the entire society would remain dull and materialistic if there would not be any heart with great feelings. The whole BCN girls would remain simply as a concrete if we were not there with all our feelings…feelings came from the core of our hearts which was being cultivated by the literature..that is English.

What do think…which one is the important???


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4 responses to “Which one is important???

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    February 7, 2011 at 6:52 am

    Feeling tu englisht hole hai hobo neki? belag language nosolibi ne?

  2. Sreenath s

    February 7, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    The discussions would have gone more interesting if you had another bunch of speakers. I can’t give a specific answer to the question; can’t even justify if I had one. All subjects are inter-related, with some invisible bonds (Anamika would have argued if she comes to know my argument..please dun confuse the word ‘bond’ with ur subject). No one can see, but it’s there !!!

  3. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    February 8, 2011 at 2:20 am

    bhal lagil.keep writing.
    how can u remember all these things??I have lost all my memories……

  4. kyle

    March 1, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    yeah nice


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