Mukh: the face

02 Feb

Last Sunday, at 10.00 pm, I watched the program Mukh:the face, on News Live….on that episode it was about the great Assamese Artist Neelpaban Barua. During the interview, he was asked many questions about the struggle of his life, about the Guwahati Fine Arts society, about his social and personal life also.

He was praised highly for his lots of creatives and the silent works for the entire society by many personalities presented out there and the guests came to meet him at the show. The whole episode became an intellectual television episode for the high profiled personalities and of course for the chief guest Neelpaban Baruah himself.

I am always impressed by the works of the great Artists not only from Assam but also from all over the world. But in the Mukh, what mainly impressed me was the enthusiasm of Neelpaban Barua. He married Dipali Barthakur, the great Assamese singer at that time when she was suffering from a disease. Every one praised Neelpaban Baruah for his great deed in tying the knot with Dipali Barthakur…BUT…Neelpaban Baruah never treated this like that. He replied simply that he liked her, so stepped forward and in fact he thought himself to be the luckiest person with whom Dipali Barthakur agreed to get married.

Every one pointed out the different struggles Neelpaban Baruah faced throughout the life before marriage and after marriage also. But Neelpaban Baruah never judged the things that things. He never felt the pain of the sorrow of his life. He enjoyed every moment of his life with the society and his wife also. From the very beginning of his married life, he has been accompanying his wife happily. Dipali Barthakur needs Neelpaban Baruah at every breath of her life, so he can not leave her for a single second also. He himself manages all the things for her every where without a single complaint, from the bath room to the bed room.

After listening the very personal married life of this great Artist, every one got emotional. Every one felt the beauty of life which Neelpaban Baruah enjoyed every moment…thats why the great creatives from this Artist’s painting brush have come out.

I was personally encouraged after watching the whole episode. I again felt the pain of my past life which we the whole family experienced. One complete finger was removed from my father’s feet due to the corn appeared on it. Since my father was a diabetic patient so it could not be cured completely until and unless the finger was removed. That was the beginning of every thing for which slowly we lost our father. At that time, the situation was a bit depressing for all of us. We had never seen such type of person whose one finger was removed in that way.

But years later, I noticed my room mate’s mother, whose all the fingers were not there on her feet. But still she managed to walk and carried her life easily without any inferiority complexes. That day, I was felt very guilty of my depression due to my father’s only one finger removal. That day I realized that what I suffered in my life, that might not be only in my life. There might be many people around me who were facing the bitter experiences in life than me.

Neelpaban Baruah and Diapli Barthakur’s married life should be an icon for the society. I personally feel so…..


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3 responses to “Mukh: the face

  1. katie

    February 20, 2011 at 8:48 am

    your good

    • Rituraj saikia

      April 16, 2012 at 2:58 pm

      Well Said and thats true


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