31 Jan

My husband has a very bad habit….he never keeps the receipts after purchasing any stuffs. He thought that the receipts will never be in use after wards. One day, our friend explained a very interesting and beneficial story about his experience in purchasing of a Kurta from the Fabindia showroom in Mumbai. After purchasing the Kurta, our friend found some thing wrong on that Kurta for which he wanted to exchange it. But the sales man did not allow him to exchange the sold items after giving the receipt also.

Our friend wrote every thing to the Fabindia whose email id was mentioned in that receipt. After three days, the Fabindia people called him and requested him to exchange the Kurta within that price. It was already one week passed, yet the Fabindia people agreed to exchange the Kurta. Our friend went to the showroom again and exchanged his Kurta with a new one at his choice. This time the same sales man behaved with him very nicely as if he was appointed by none other than our friend !!!

After listening this experience, I applied the same thing with the Vodafone. I went several times to the Vodafone mini store for the gift voucher they offered me in return of a new connection. But every time they asked me to come in the next time due to the unavailability of the voucher. I wrote the whole thing to the Vodafone and just after sending the email they have replied me saying that I would be called within the three working days. As per the reply, Vodafone people called me asking what was the problem I faced with the service of Vodafone. After listening every thing they assured me about the gift voucher and asked me to collect it from any Vodafone store at any time. Accordingly, this time I got the gift voucher properly.

The whole incident impressed my husband. So he also wrote some complaints to Nike for the damage of his shoe within only one year. Accordingly, after two days, the Nike people responded his e mail and promised him to exchange his shoe with the same one at any Nike show room in Mumbai….BUT…he has to carry the receipt of the purchased item. My husband could not avail the golden opportunity due to the receipt as he never keeps any types of receipts with him except the electricity bill and other house hold items.

I generally keep the records of my daily expenditures including every thing so that I can get an answer of the huge amount of expenditures after the end of a month. I have learnt it from my mother. She used to keep records of every thing attaching the receipts of every purchased items day wise. Behind this she had a very good experience.

One day, one hawker came to our home to show the different items he was carrying. Along with the items, he carried a catalog of some dinner sets and tea sets of his company and assured us to deliver the ordered items after 15 days. Due to the pressure of my sisters, my mother ordered a tea set and gave Rs.100/- as an advance. The hawker left the place promising to deliver the ordered tea set within that mentioned duration.

Several years had passed away; neither the hawker came to deliver the tea set nor it was sent by any other way. We almost forgot the incident. Then, suddenly one day, again one hawker came to our home and showed the same type of catalog offering the same thing which we ordered years back. My mother asked him the receipt book and the name of the company. Interestingly she found the same company and receipt which she kept with her against Rs.100/-. We all charged the hawker and showed the receipt mentioning the whole incident. The hawker could not but returning that amount of money to my mother which his colleague took from her years back. That day she got back it only for the receipt which she used to keep carefully with the records year wise.

That incident was about a very small amount of money…but it was a priceless experience for all of us. From that day onwards, I started to keep all the receipts carefully with my daily expenditure records which helped me in many situations.

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