I can not forget them…

28 Jan

In the mid of January, 2011, my husband was at Budhgaya for his quarterly cycle meeting of his company. Initially I also planned to go with him..not for his meeting but for the place where it was organized. I had been to Budhgaya almost 10 years back. But till date, I can not forget the place. Though I have visited almost all the important places all around in India, Budhgaya is placed in my heart as the most memorable and holy place I have ever visited in my life. More appropriately it touched spiritually all of us.

In Budhgaya, the main attraction is the main Buddhist temple which is kept very nicely. We stayed at a Buddha Vihar where the employees are none other than the Buddhist people coming from different places only to serve the guests. They involved themselves in the service of the entire humanity. We were surprised when we saw them helping people in the mid of their meals also. They did not hesitate to leave their meal behind which was still running to help some one who entered the dining hall for food. They tried their best in the reception of their own Vihar for which they are allotted to serve people. They even did not charge any thing in return of their service.

They are the Buddhist people, for whom Budhgaya is a holy place, because of the Buddhi briksha under which Gautam Buddha got the knowledge of life. But we met one person there who was not Buddhist in religion, but helped people more than them. He was Krishna, the Hindu tanga wala in which we roamed the whole Budhgaya town. He showed us the entire Budhgaya and helped us in many situations. Last day, he even offered us for a cup of tea at his own residence. We accepted his offer though our mother got hesitated to go to some unknown person’s place at an unknown place, since in the holy places we generally find most of the illegal and fraud people.

Anyway we visited Krishna’s home….he asked all his family members to get introduced with us…they offered us some milk tea. Krishna showed us the letters and photos of his foreigner friends who stayed at his home during their visit to Budhgaya. Instead of the luxury hotels and well managed Budh Vihars, they used to stay at his place and roam the town in his one horse tanga!!! We carried out the memory of the half an hour reception of Krishna and his family members during our visit to Budhgaya.

In the return journey, we had one full day in Patna. So we decided to visit some places of the city. We stopped at a tea stall near by the road and were talking in Assamese within us. Suddenly one rickshaw wala came to us and started talking with us in Assamese. He said that once he was also in Assam for 14 years and now he returned back to his place. But still he had an attachment with the Assamese people. Do you believe that he offered us to roam the city in his rickshaw!!!! Just imagine, we roamed the whole Patna city in a rickshaw with a Bihari rickshaw wala talking in Assamese with him during the entire rickshaw journey!!!!

We may experience many things in different places while dealing with different people….but those two unknown people really placed a memorable sign in our heart.Though we might not meet them again in our lives but still we wished the good things for their lives while we departed from those places.

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