I simply tried…

27 Jan

Just now, I attended the lunch with my juniors who offered it for their postings in different companies. They are simply M.Sc. last semester students. But they got secured for their future in getting the jobs like HSBC bank, Infosys and other companies, after clearing the campus interviews. They are very happy…at least for the next some months, they can enjoy their lives just after passing out their formal education.

During the lunch time, they discussed about the teachers, whose teachings basically helped them in the interviews and whose teachings they will remember in their entire lives. They even can not forget the classes in which they used to sleep on the last benches or some times just in front of the teacher. They mentioned some of the IIT faculties whose teachings they did not find any helpful. In fact those teachers are very well known scientists and research workers and having largest number of patents and internationally reputed research papers also, but they can not make a sign in their students’ life for which they can be remembered for their valuable and interesting teachings.

When I applied for a teaching post in Guwahati, at the interview I was asked “what is a teacher”. From my experiences, I answered that “A teacher is a person who can deal with the students nicely like a friend and guide the students like a guardian”. Though I was selected in the interview, but at the time of joining the Principal requested me not to be a friend with my students so that the students get chances to ask any questions in the class room.

So far I remember, in my college days, some of our teachers were very friendly with us, but still we did not try to ask any silly questions in the class rooms for which the teacher got hesitated to answer it. In the same department, we had some teachers, who treated the students as his life long enemies and started the classes as if he was forced to teach the students. Some times we could not even look at the face of our teacher as he started writing on the black board just entering the class room.

I still remember the first class of my college life in which our sir started the courses if we were the senior students in the college. He had no interest to get introduced with the students. Till the end of my college life, I treated my teachers simply as teachers.

But in my university life, my idea was completely changed. In the university, we faced lots of unknown problems during our class works, but still we met some teachers whose teachings, whose guidance and supportive hands can not be forgotten at any cost. I still get supported and encouraged by them in my research field also.

Whatever I found in my teachers, I simply tried to be like them with my students so that I can also be memorized as a teacher to some extend……


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3 responses to “I simply tried…

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    February 21, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    as if!


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