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22 Jan

From the day of my remembrance, I have been experiencing it in the same way…it is the connecting road between Sonari and Moran. So far I remember, I have seen the same condition of this route, even the transportation system is also same with the transport buses we traveled by. Distance wise, the road is not so long….but the system it has been following for several years is really frustrating.

At my child hood, when we had to go to Dibrugarh, this route was the shortest route in distance. So people used this route to save both time and money. But ultimately the whole travel duration became twice the original time.

In every 5 year, people elected the local MLA also and he/she spent his duration nicely in every term. Govt. sanctions the funds to the concerned department. It is seen that the contractors are also permitted to build new roads or to renovate the existing roads also. But we the common people who use these roads suffer from the ultimate result. We the people have the worst experience on these roads regarding every thing. We also notice that the materials for the road constructions are also misused. The dunes of sand, bricks, stones etc. are taken away by the local people just after they are placed for the construction. The whole materials which are meant for the construction of the road are used for the construction of the local people’s residence or other personal purposes.

In the midst of such type of people, we can not expect a better service from the running government, where public properties are converted to the private properties. Government takes the chances in neglecting the social welfare until and unless we the local people will not be conscious about our own problem.

The rural roads are a very good example for it. At my hometown, I myself have noticed such type of neglected constructions at the main town area. The workers of the concerned department put only two culverts (rings) at the beginning of the pool. They skip the middle portion of the pool…that is, it is shown to be a pool there, but there will not be actually any pool through which the water can flow. With that fake pool, the water locking is obvious. That’s why the sudden artificial un natural flood come after every heavy rains. The local people are facing such type of problems daily. But most of the people keep silent for some un known reasons….may be they are not much more conscious about it or may be the contractors are their own blood or may be they are afraid of some un known political powers.

I feel the same regarding the controversial flood issue of Dhemaji and Lakhimpur. Interestingly the local MLA s are elected successfully in every term of the ministry. Still we watch in the news channels the same scenario of flood in every summer, watching the same harassment of the local people by the never ending natural calamity. I can not say the exact reason behind the never ending problems for which the local people do not protest….but I simply feel that there might be some solutions if people become conscious to some extend.

You do not believe that when people ask me about the Bangladeshi migration, I can not answer them properly. They ask me why we the local people do not protest against the migration, why we the local people are not conscious against any terrorist activity….we become speech less. We can not convince them the actual fact we are still facing at our home land.

The root of the whole system is already developed in its way, if we try to renovate the root, then the tree will be uprooted …..we can not do that…but we can atleast cut some of the branches of that tree so that it can be saved to some extend.

Honestly speaking, we, who are staying outside our state, often face such type of questions, which has no answers.

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