18 Jan

It was almost 6 years back, when I watched the movie Sur…starring Lucky Ali. I was not surprised at the theme of the movie…because I experienced such type of situations at my college girls’ hostel. I personally know one girl at that time, whose whole note books and practical books were stolen by some one from her table at the eve of her final examination. She was so shocked that she surrendered to appear the examination…but with the help of her well wisher friends, she managed her all course notes. When I left my books and notes outside my room, my senior room mate often advised me about the sudden loss of the notes. Maximum girls at that time kept their important note books in the locked trunk so that they might not face some unfair situations which they could not imagine in their lives.

At my childhood, I heard from my parents that one famous renowned Assamese writer got her PhD degree by stealing some one’s work in literature. The person whose works were stolen was known to my parents and he claimed his research works also. But after declaring the PhD degree by the university, no one can snatch away the degree.

I think, the similar incident is known to all which was related to a couple. The famous novel award winner got the award by stealing the theories of his wife. That led them separation in life after wards. This is an open secret to all the Indians.

Recently I personally faced such type of situation in my own life. My father was professionally a teacher, but he was highly interested in Geography and Assam History. Especially he studied a lot about Ahom history and later on he started his research works about all the Ahom monuments, Ponds, Maidam etc in the Charaideo Subdivision. He tried to preserve them through the All Assam Historical Preservation Society. He collected the actual data of all the monuments, some of which were totally damaged, neglected and captured by the local people. He made a note book in which all the datas were written. But one day he gave his note book to a senior Historian who was working in the same field. That person returned the copy also.

But just after few years of my father’s death, that person published a book which contained all the data collected by my father. We compared his book to my father’s note book and found the almost similar works with my father. My father was very much interested to publish those research works as a book so that the new generation got the new filed of research and could save the whole Ahom community. We got depressed by that person’s published book. But there is still some thing more with our hand which are still unpublished and totally new things.

You don’t believe that when my father was at the last stage of his age, one young reporter visited our home. He came to our home not to meet my father, but to ask my mother about the unpublished works of my father. He even insisted to give the works and asked about them when my father was taking his last breathes. Now he is a known face as a news reader to all the viewers of DY365. Even after my father’s death, many people came to us regarding the research works.

Now I am also in the research field. I can understand what research is. Research is something which you study solely and find some thing which is known to you only, it does not mean to snatch away others’ life long work to get the degree.

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