14 Jan

It was the 27th Dec’2010……I was in the evening flight to Delhi. Due to the bad weather in Delhi, the flight was delayed by almost four hours. I spent all the time alone in the Mumbai airport…walking here and there, purchasing some magazines and of course experiencing the most expensive coffees and sandwiches inside the airport which could be of half priced outside it.

Anyway, finally I boarded my flight….my seat was at the window side. Fortunately this time the 3 seats were occupied by three girls. The nearest girl sitting at the middle was busy with her mobile. She was describing the situation to some one which she faced at the airport. It is restricted to carry liquids, knives and some other stuffs along with the passenger while traveling in the flights. It is known to all who fly frequently. Those restrictions are basically for the safety and security of all the passengers flying with the airlines staffs. That girl carried one body lotion in her hand bag. She was caught at the security check in and was asked to put it in her luggages. But she refused to take the lotion out from her bag and argued with the ground staff. She even scolded them as BLOODY INDIANS. The situation went to its highest point…all the ground staffs decided to cancel her boarding pass until and unless she left the lotion. She called her father who might be a high profiled personality and asked him to take some action against the staff. But interestingly, instead of using the same voice, her father ordered her to give an apology letter to the ground staff so that she could fly to Delhi. After the application, she got the boarding pass and accompanied me to Delhi.

She kept describing all these things to her friend through her mobile till the announcement to fasten belt from the captain and to switch off the mobiles and all electronic equipments announced. The air hostess asked her many times to switch off the mobile..but she did not listen to them. She was busy with some one in planning the trip in Delhi where it was too cold in those days. She even carried some lip guards and body lotions in vanilla flavor to some one whom she was flying to meet.

Honestly speaking, I got irritating with her silly conversations which could not be listened any how in a four hour delayed flight. She kept talking in her mobile till the flight took off and her mobile got disconnected.

That day, I wanted to ask her what was actual meaning of a BLOODY INDIAN…..who was actually BLOODY INDIAN.

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