12 Jan

My niece is very much confused about her career. She can not decide exactly what she will do in the future. She is interested in all the subjects,but still she fails to understand in which direction she will move to settle her life. I generally suggest her to choose that profession in which she has a passion. I even tell her parents not to encourage her to step forward to the flow in which her friends move ahead. This is the critical point for her to choose her life…infact it may be her turning point also. I have seen many students who can not decide the actual path to go ahead in their lives. Most of them follow their parents’ suggestion and most of them select the same profession which their friends want to be.

My cousin brother was very good in literature….he used to write interesting stories and thoughtful poems also. But as my uncle is a doctor, so he wanted his son to follow the same profession. Unfortunately my cousin lost extra 2 years to clear the medical entrance examination in Assam. Finally he got admission at a medical college outside Assam. Now he is doing his BDS in that college. Nobody tried to understand his interest. May be he wanted to study in the Arts stream also. But he could not protest against his parents and accordingly one day he will be a Dentist who was once interested in literature.

This type of situation is the burning problem in the society. Just imagine a doctor who did his MBBS or MS forcefully without his/her interest…imagine an engineer who liked to cook rather than to deal with the machinery jobs….imagine a teacher who wished to be a pilot or a fashion designer…

My brother was not a good student…he secured almost the least marks in all the subjects. For him, the whole family was very much tensed and suffered from several problems. He simply liked music. I can say that he has an in born talent in music…he learnt all the musical instruments within seconds. His voice was also very sweet. But according to his parents, he can do nothing with the music. They thought that there was no scope in this profession….music could be an interest, not a profession. After completing his 12+, he forcefully chose the subject in which he had a passion. He did his sound engineering in Mumbai and became a well known artist in Mumbai. Now his parents feel proud of him.

If some one gets 80% in HSLC, no need to study the science stream…if some one gets 75% in HS, no need to appear the medical and engineering entrances, no need to take the major in English or Chemistry….choose that subject which flows in your blood. Choose that profession which you realized at your childhood through your interest.

Never jump into the river, whose water is unknown to you.

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  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    January 12, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Passion drives…


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