Everything happened, it happened for good reasons

27 Dec

I was experienced highly in searching of a rent house in the greater Guwahati city. There was hardly any place left in which I did not try for a suitable rent house. I was informed about a rent house at my friend’s residence. She recently got married. Since I attended her marriage ceremony, so I got introduced with her parents and brother. So accordingly, I went to her parents’ residence. In Guwahati, you can meet God at a convenient place, but you can not find a rent house at a suitable place. So after visiting their residence, I asked them for the rent house. But surprisingly, they did not want to let me stay there at. They tried to motivate my mind telling the different draw backs of the house, water problem, water locking on the road, being alone etc etc.I could not understand their conversations. Generally house owners keep silent regarding the disadvantages of their rent houses, but I found quite difference in their behavior.

At that time, I was in terrible problems regarding my accommodation, thats why I needed one rent house any how. No matter what was the problems it had. Finally the house owners agreed to give me the rent house at a very high rent, but they put certain conditions…the rent should be cleared on every first day of the month, if there would be water problem and other problems, no complaints would be entertained by them etc etc. I did not book the house, but told them that they would be informed very shortly.

On my way to the hostel, I recalled the whole atmosphere. I could not find out the exact reason about their attitude. Later on, slowly I recalled something more horrible for which they might treat me that way. My friend’s father committed suicide at his own chamber of his residence years back. This was the chamber where they found his dead body after the tragic unknown accident. Now the chamber became the rent house, in which the previous rented people could not stay for long time due to some unknown reasons. Thats why they did not want to give me the house as I was known to them. When I found the reason behind their surprised behavior, I got relaxed and thanked them for not allowing me to stay at that place.

That day, I realized once again….everything happened, it happened for good reasons.

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