Never neglect it

26 Dec

In our Higher Secondary school, we had to appear 6 subjects in the final examination, from which only the highest marks of 5 subjects were calculated for the result. This is the system of Assam Higher Secondary Educational Council, which we followed at that time. Except the General English and MIL, I had Economics, Mathematics, History and Sociology. For me, Sociology was the fourth subject; actually I treated it that way. Interestingly, till date, I secured the exact marks which I calculated after appearing the exams. So accordingly, I got 80% in my calculation on the Economics paper. Sociology paper was at the last day of our final exams. So I did not find any logic in appearing my fourth subject after calculating the sufficient marks in other papers.

There was a gap of one day before my Sociology paper. Means, logically my final exam was finished just before one day of Sociology paper. I did not think twice to appear my fourth subject any how. On the exam day also, at the morning I woke up late. Till that time, my mother did not get any idea about my decision. She was in fact a bit puzzled about my activities. When she asked me exactly what the reason behind it was, I simply replied that since Sociology was my fourth subject and I calculated the sufficient marks in all my papers, so I decided not to appear my fourth subject.

My mother was like the lady Hitler at our home….she started scolding me in that way that finally I found it better to appear the exam rather than to listen her scolding. In the afternoon, I sat for the exam. Interestingly, in the exam hall also, I started writing the answers casually. After finishing the first descriptive answer (Sociology is basically a descriptive subject), I noticed all my friends were writing very fast and sincerely. Then I went through the whole question paper. It was very easy and all the questions were common to us. After one hour, I started writing the answers sincerely and completed the paper any how.

When my result declared, I got the lowest marks in Economics…that is only 53, out of 100, which I got above 80% in my calculation. And surprisingly I got 73, out of 100, in Sociology. In that year, the All Assam highest mark in Sociology was only 81. Economics became the fourth subject in the final result.

That day, I realized that if I did not appear my Sociology paper, perhaps I secured only second division marks in my HS final exam. That was only my Sociology paper which saved me from the great failure, since with that percentage I got the seat in Cotton College luckily.

From my experience, I suggested every one never to neglect the fourth subject in your HS final exam.

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