My surprised relation

25 Dec

In Tezpur University, I met some of my friends again with whom I did my Degree from the same college. In this university, some one can get admission provisionally also. That means those who have appeared the final exam of Degree course, but their results yet to be declared, can get the admission provisionally after qualifying the university entrance exam. Since I got my admission after completing my Degree course, so my class mates who came here provisonally, automatically became my seniors. Among them, I found one senior who was my good friend at college, though we were from different departments. We maintained a good friendship in our university life also. Through her, I had to maintain a good relation with her boy friend whom she met in this university. Infact I accepted him as my brother, since he helped me in many situations and supported me to some extends.

After the university, we kept the relation for a while. I even attended their marriage ceremony at my brother’s residence. Due to the busy schedule, slowly a gap came between our communications. During that period, I passed through many up and downs in my life. I did not get any information about them. Still I tried to get any information from those people who were close to them once. But surprisingly I failed to communicate them. The last news I got, was that they had settled at Tezpur, since my brother got a job in our university.

After that, I tried to contact with them in several ways, but failed to do so. I asked my friend who is doing Phd there, to invite him for my marriage. But she did not meet him at his department due to his absence on that day. But she left one message about my marriage including my mobile number at his table itself. But I did not get any call from him. I could not understand what might be the reason for which they avoided me. I asked my husband whether there was anything wrong between them at hostel, since my husband was the prefect of that hostel in that period. According to my husband, he maintained that much of relation with him which should be between one senior and one junior.

Few days back, I found him in facebook. I have gone through his profile and all his photographs which he uploaded in his profile. In facebook, I found my friend also. Now they have a daughter. After seeing my friend and my brother, I got emotional for a moment. It was once in our life, when we shared almost all the things, spent almost all the time together in hostel. I sent both of them my friend request. But to my great surprise, they did not accept it. Infact I came to know that my brother used facebook frequently, since I found updates from him everyday. Still he did not accept me.

I am still in dilemma what may be the reason for which they are running away from me……I want to be pointed out if I did any mistake with them.

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One response to “My surprised relation

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    December 25, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Erase those from mind,who does not reciprocate your’s feeling


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