Paper leakage

24 Dec

Last few days back, I watched a news on an Assamese news channel about the examination paper leak out in the market. Watching the news, my experience automatically knocked my mind, which was happened at our HSLC pre test examination.

It was the Mathematics paper to be held on that day. But due to the sudden flood in the town area, which came un naturally in the month of December, that year, the Maths exam could not be held on that day. So we returned back without appearing the Maths paper. It was announced that the exams on that day was postponed to some other day later on.

Since the examination center covered a wide area in that region, the schools, which were a distance away from the town, did not cancel the exams on that day. Except the town area schools, the exams were held at all the schools in that center. The Maths paper were out and we got the paper from our friends who appeared the exam in those schools.

We completed the paper at home. Since the paper was already in the market, our school authority decided to re schedule the paper again. So we got prepared again for the exam.

But surprisingly, in the exam hall, we received the same Maths paper which we got two days before from our friends. The whole question paper was at our mouth, since we had alredy completed all the questions at home. That day, we got the taste of paper leakage. We could not imagine the feelings of such a situation in the exam hall where we would go through a previously done question paper.

Definitely that year, our school had a record of scoring 100 marks in the Maths paper of HSLC pre test examination by most of the students!!!

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