For me, it was the greatest…

23 Dec

Till date, I think no one can define LOVE perfectly. Love is such a feeling which is described individually in different manners. I can say it in a better way since I experienced a love story which was grown up within seconds…means love at first sight.

My friend Nandini was very much tensed about her single status. She wanted some one in her life so that she could think about her career which she wanted to continue in her married life also. She often asked me to get introduced her with some of my friends. But I did not have any friend who could make a perfect match with her.

One day, my friend Biplob called me telling that he wanted to meet me in Guwahati, since he came here only for two days. That day I had a preplanned shoping program with Nandini. I asked her to give me only half an hour to meet my school friend before the shopping. As per her permission, we both met Biplob. I met my school friend after a long time….but I noticed some thing twistting at our meeting.

After the introduction, I noticed both of them started talking. They were so comfortable that they did not feel that they met each other just few minutes before. Every thing was re planned again. We cancelled our shopping…instead of it, we went for the lunch which Biplob gave us that day. After the lunch, we went for the movie. From the very beginning, I felt very awkward with them. I could not judge the things which was running between them within a very short period of time. I found myself to be the unknown person which became the most unwanted with them. I became doubtful actually who was whose friend.

In the cinema hall, Nandini ordered me to sit beside her, since she wanted to sit in the middle. When the movie started, some thing more interesting was also started in its way. Both of them started whispering each other which could not be gueassed any how. I assumed myself that I came for the movie alone and decided to leave them after the show.Actually I felt neglected very much with their behaviour.

Finally I told them that I wanted to go to my hostel just after the movie. They did not have any problem with it and they decided to go for shopping after that. After my leaving, they went for the fancy bazar till night and about 10 pm, my friend Biplob returned to his place by night super. Till that time, Nandini gave him the perfect company for which she got one watch as a gift from him in return.

From that day, Nandini did not keep any contact with me. After few months, I was informed about their marriage. That day, I simply prayed to God..May their life be full of joy and peace which they decided within a few seconds…..

This was the greatest love story I had ever faced in my life….i.e. love turned to the marriage.

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