Safed Jhuth

21 Dec

I can not say that I have not told a single lie in my life till date. At many circumstances, I was bound to lie for different reasons. If a lie can help you and some one else, then it is not considered to be bad…I think so. But the habit of lying is not good. It should not be regular exercise.

But that day, my instant safed jhuth (lie) saved some one’s life. My senior was having some problems with her husband. I still did not know what was the actual matter, that was totally their personal business. But I am sharing it because I was involved with it to some extend.

I was studying minutely one journal in my cabin. Then suddenly my senior came to me with her husband with a mobile hand set. Showing the mobile, she asked me whether the mobile was mine or not. She parallely hinted me thing with her eyes. Within Milli seconds, I had to reply her as yes, because I understood some thing wrong was already with her. Since her husband was also with her, so she did not get the chance to tell anything before it. But her husband got some doubt with my expression. He questioned me about the extra mobile since he noticed my own mobile at the table. I knew nothing about the mobile…..which handset, what was the facilities it had, what was the number etc. But she managed every question which her husband asked me about the handset. She tried to convince her husband that she kept my mobile hand set to go through it. I guessed, he was not convinced completely. Still they had to leave my cabin.

After half an hour, she described every thing in front of me. As per her conversation, I simply came to know that she was passing some wrong time with her husband and he could not be informed about the handset which she got from her cousin brother. I did not want to judge the things. I simply knew that my safed jhuth helped some one very much that day and later on I came to know that the situation could have been up to divorce also.

I pray to God that in future there may not be of that situation any more in my life, because every time, time may not be in my favor to help some one instantly.

May God bless them.

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One response to “Safed Jhuth

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    December 21, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Ultimately Truth Prevails…Sooner or Later.


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