I can feel it

20 Dec

Today, I was informed about the death of my best friend Dhankashi’s mother. Almost 20 days back, she fell down suddenly due to the pressure stroke. She did not know whether she had a pressure or not, since she never felt uncomfortable for it. It was all of a sudden. From that time, she did not get back her sense…she was kept in ICU, Sanjivani nursing home, for long 20 days. According to the doctor, she was being cured very slowly. In the last few days, she simply opened her eyes. No one could tell that whether she got every one or not. She kept her eyes opened simply.

Finally she passed away yesterday, at 2.30 pm. Dhanakshi told me that her sister could not bear the loss of her mother. It was totally unexpected for her. She thought that her mother would return home one day. Since Dhanakshi is matured enough and elder than her, she controlled herself any how. I personally feel what might be going on her sister, since once, I also passed with the same situation in my life. But my father’s death was not all of a sudden. we had passed a long period of 6 months in nursing homes due to his illness. My mother was not prepared for his death. But when she was informed about the probable health of her husband by the doctor himself, that day, she realized that my father would not be cured completely. He would leave us in a very short period of time. According to my mother, that day was the death day of her husband. Since she knew the real fact of his health. She only cried on that day. After that day, she was trying hard to keep him alive to the end of my Part I exam. She silently did her job without sharing the actual matter.

My friend was mentally prepared for the death of her mother. Still nobody could understand what is going on inside her mind and heart. Especially her sister Minti and brother Buljit da….they can only understand what they have lose in their life. At this time, no one’s condolence can relax them, no one’s suggestions can make them satisfied and no one’s company can make them happy….because in this world, no one can be placed as substitute of their mother. At this moment, different problems, different thoughts, different plans may come to their mind, which they can not share with any one. Those may be exclusively for them only.

Instead of standing by each other and give company to each other themselves, there is nothing to do for them right now… should be strong enough to handle your up coming future…

May her soul rest in Heaven.

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