My cat incident

19 Dec

I worked as a lecturer at a private college in Guwahati for two months. I decided to do so since I did not have any teaching experience yet. Though I experienced a lot with the management, still I enjoyed my teaching with the students, which helped me to become more confident in delivering my research papers in the conferences.

In those two months, I regularly took fish, as I could manage my time to take them from my regular fishwala. I noticed one cat that came instantly from some where when I started cooking my fishes. Fish is the favorite dish for cats. I noticed it staring at me, sitting on the wall, next to my kitchen. But it did not get the chance to take them because of me.

But one day, after my arrival from college, I found all my fishes missing. Even the skeleton was also missing which I kept on my unclean dish due to the hurry for my college. That day, I badly regretted in keeping the window open, for which the cat got the success to take my fried fishes.

This type of activity continued for some days. The cat kept looking at me from the wall. But surprisingly, it did not enter my house to take the fishes for some days. I observed it also leaving my fishes alone. Still it did not enter my house. It simply looked at the fishes and did not try to take them also. That surprised me a lot. I could not understand what might be the reason for which the cat stopped entering my house. So far I remembered I did not hit the cat yet, in fact I did not get the chance to hit it.

One day, I shared the incident with my college staff. Then my colleague told me that there might be two reasons behind it….either it might be hurt badly inside the house or there might be some thing inside my house for which the cat stopped stepping forward to my house in fear. Cats are generally afraid of snakes and mongoose. So while I heard about the reasons, I became afraid of it. I imagined what might be the situation if both the snakes and mongoose were staying in my house. Frankly speaking, that day I entered my house trembling in fear.

According to my mother’s suggestion, that day the first thing I did in my house was to mop it with phenyl and then sprinkling the garlic mixed water in the whole house. Snakes can not bear the smell of garlic, so wherever it is, it will come automatically outside. That’s why in the Bihus, I notice my mother in sprinkling the garlic mixed water in our home. I thought it was one type of custom to be followed in the Bihus. That day, I realized that every custom has logic behind it. People may not follow them, so it is made as a custom so that people became bound to follow them.

Anyway, after sprinkling the garlic mixed water, I waited for the snake which might be inside the cartons or the bags at the shelves. I did not find the snake inside my house after two three days also. If it was really there, then it might go outside the house without my notice. I thought that way.

Finally after one week later, the cat again tried to enter my house to take the fishes. That day, seriously speaking, I was so happy for the cat for its attempt. It started hunting again. I relaxed completely and took a deep breath after passing by several breathless moments.

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