Paneer Dilruba

18 Dec

I attended one birthday party at Greenwood Resort, Khanapara. This is almost three years back story. Our group was small, but we had a quality time over there. Greenwood Resort is very beautifully located and well managed. Since it is a bit outskirt of the city, so people prefer to have a outing there at. At that time, some fashion show was being rehearsed in the campus. We enjoyed a lot watching the models. I personally stared over them because I had never seen such type of Assamese girl on those least outfits. The models seemed to be like the crow wearing peacock wings!!!!

Fashion does not mean to wear small outfits…it carries the dignity which will be focused by the attitude of the model. The personality should be strong enough so that whatever be the outfit, it will not seem to be vulger. Thats why the fashion world is still surviving boldly in the society. Since Guwahati is newly developed and updated, so the so called modern fashion also knocks every one’s door. Here people starts follwing the Western culture newly, whereas the Western people already started following our Indian culture and trying to lead a good life.

I still remember the day, when the first big shoping mall Vishal was inaugurated in Guwahati. Although the Shopper’s Point was already there at Fancy Bazar, but Vishal started the revolution in Guwahati. People became excited to do their shoping with a trolly, which was not at any shopping mall in Guwahati before that. People even started visiting the Vishal Megamart….slowly it became one of the tourist places in Guwahati. I also enjoyed the environment. Afterwards, Hub, Big Bazar, Dona Planet and other shopping malls started their marketing in Guwahati. We feel happy for the development of Guwahati city…but I personally feel sorry to see the fast change in the society. In Guwahati or in other big towns in Assam, you hardly find people whom you can show some one as Assamese people. Fashion touches the females a lot there. The general atmosophere where the married Assamese lady prefer to be in Western outfits is considerable. But I personally met one renowned Assamese lady writer at the Book fair, where she was proudly walking here and there with that outfit which could not be considered at any point. But seriously, you will never meet the Gyanpith award winner, our Indira Goswami madam in any controversial outfits at any public places. We are simply waiting for the time when we can proudly show any one as an Assamese people at any public place.

Just in front of the rent house, where I stayed in the last two years, before leaving Guwahati, I noticed the culture of that particular home at every night. Their daughter and son always went out at mid nights for parties separately every night. At their parties also, we noticed the most up to date people enjoying loudly and vulgerly till late nights. That was the atmosphere I experienced every night from my first day. Some times I could not say anything good about my culture before the Udiya family who stayed at the next door of that rent house. They got irritating in facing the so hi-fi culture of that society.

Any way, on that birthday party, we ordered a very long listed foods, different deserts. Among us, only one friend was vegetarian. For him, we ordered the main course separately. Our friend ordered one very uncommon vegetarian dish…Paneer Dilruba. There was one more family at that time. They also enjoyed within them. We started to take our food. Before our leaving, the family already got up to leave, paying their bill. Since our list was very big, so the amount must be heavy also. But the person, who gave us the birthday treat, surprised to see the bill amount. Acoording to his calculation, the amount should not be that much. We could not differentiate the bill also, since we noticed that the items were almost same with that family. The family was about to start their car, then our friend noticed that in our bill, his Paneer Dilruba was not there. He pointed out that the bill was not our, it might be of that family. The waiter immediately stopped them and checked the two bills again. Then they confessed that the bill were exchanged, our bill amount was much more less than them.

But surprisingly, the family did not agree to pay the rest amount and left the place forcefully, since they were already in their car. The waiters failed to run behind them and console themselves by scolding them rudely. Every one presented out there was quite surprised at their behaviour.

That day, we simply got two lessons….

Firts, whenever you are in a very busy restaurent, order some thing very uncommon….which may save your wallet. Thanks to our Paneer Dilruba.

Secondly, try to update your mentality and behaviour along with your Western outfit…outfit doesnot matter a lot, but your behaviour proves your mentality a lot.

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  1. Authentic

    April 28, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Welcome to a Facebook Page about mine,I’ve learned a lot from your blog here,Keep on going,my friend,I will keep an eye on it,One more thing,thanks for your post!.


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