Need to be changed..

16 Dec

The biggest thing I have missed in my life is to miss the funeral of my father, since people of my home town did not wait for me, because I am a girl. According to them, only boys can do the last tasks at some one’s death, not the girls. Since at that time, I was on the way to my home from Guwahati, so they did not think to wait for me for that task.This is an issue of 10 years way back… that time, no body could protest against the system.

If I could be there at that time, then definitely, I could have stood against it. But time was not in favor of me. Though I could not get the chance to do it, I did the last tasks of my father’s death at Gaya and Allahabad…that is the pindo daan and ashthi bisarjan.

But few years later, when Bhrigu Phukon, the former AGP leader died, his daughter did all the tasks of his funeral. Interestingly, this was telecasted in all the news channels and published in all the news papers. That time I became happy to see the change in our society, also felt one unknown pain in my heart for missing my turn.

Baby boy is preferable because they are eligible for these tasks…these are one type of in born right they get from the society and the system we are following for years long. But this results the increasing rate of killing the baby girl in the womb itself or just after the birth.

I was more proud to experience the moment when my friend lighted the SITA of her husband instead of her brother-in-law, son and father-in-law . That day I saluted her for her task and her in-laws who permitted her to show her love to her husband at his last journey.

If our society would be reformed in this way, then one day people would become proud parents of their daughters and could walk in the society with their raising heads…..what do you think???

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