15 Dec

When I was at hostels, I often noticed my friends exchanging the gifts they got from their relatives. Some of them told their relatives frankly that they wanted the money, not the gift. Since the gift might not be of her choice, so she refused to take any thing from her relatives at different occasions. She did not think it twice that the gift was nothing but a sign of love and tenders showed to her.

Exactly… is a gift after all. We can use any item to show our love to some one dear to us. Gift should not be compared to the price, it has its own value. Accordingly, every gift is unique, they should not be compared to other’s gift. If the item is not of your choice, then also it should not be neglected only to show the respect to the gift and the person who presents it.

These are very small things we may face in our life…these may be neglected, but not forgotten. The person, whose gift is exchanged, may be hurt a lot. You may neglect it, but he can not forget the pain. Next time, he may think to present you any thing.

My friend Nomita considers other stuffs casually. According to her, only the branded and expensive stuffs should be under consideration. So she often commented rudely on other’s out fits which are not branded. You don’t believe that, one day, her comments hurt my friend Anuradha so badly that she started to recall their poverty she passed by and started weeping in front of me. But Nomita could not understand the feelings, she simply laughed.

Very small things, but still in the heart.

My senior Jupi could not forget the moment when her room mate placed her dirty suitcase on her bed without any hesitation. She suffered from the inferiority complexes with the attitude of her room mate. She thought that her stuffs were not good enough to stop her room mate to do so. I also noticed such type of mentality with my hostel mates. Some of my hostel mates placed them at such a position that every time they wanted to remind every one that she belonged to a rich family. She made friendship with them only those coming from the same back ground. Her proud attitude showed her mentality, which caused a serious problem with her room mate, who did not belong to her back ground.

In student life, this type of attitude initiates serious problems some time. Finally those who are not from rich families, step forward to some unfair ways to earn some money. I personally know one friend who chose the way by giving some quality time with some rich sons, only to earn some money and some branded dresses, so that she could breathe easily with her hostel mates and in the college campus.

At the very first day of my college life, I observed such type of two faced life in the campus. I noticed some of my friends gave importance only on the outfits, not the percentages they carried. Student life is not based on that attitude, it is dedicated to studies only. I generally said that, in the hostels and college campus, every one should be paid attention equally. Since we pay equal amount of fees and resources to the hostels and colleges…..there should not be any classification of rich and

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