Tumi sitto britti muro

14 Dec

One day in the last week, I was on the 7.49 am Church gate local train. Traveling in the morning trains is not an easy task…at least for the people like me, who likes to get up late in the morning. From my school days, I did not like to get up in the early mornings. I am a late night worker…I can be in the full charged till the late nights. But getting up in the early mornings becomes a horrible duty for me.

Any way, in Mumbai, the first thing I have changed in myself is to get up at 6 am….here 6 am means the darkness. This is the routine we have to follow in Mumbai, otherwise Mumbai becomes crowded with the passing time. In the morning trains, we can at least get the place to stand by, other wise we can not even imagine to get in the trains. In that situation, I often notice people sleeping on the seats. Those who are standing also use to sleep at their standing places, they can manage the balance on the moving trains.

But that day, on that train (we generally catch the 7.22 am Church gate local), while the train getting started, a group of girls also started singing carols. I noticed some of them were Christian and those who are not Christian also joined them. The whole atmosphere became sacred at that moment. The whole compartment became silent instantly. They sang the carols so well that the girls standing beside them also tried to sing them, sharing the books they used for it. Though the compartment started crowded while crossing the stations, still the atmosphere remained cool and calm all the way. I observed that the girls did not hesitate to sing their prayers.

From the nearest girl, I came to know that they always followed the same routine. They never missed that particular train. And now they made a very big friend circle who started joining them slowly.

That day, while I was listening their carols, I simply tried to remind our very own prayers which we prayed daily at our schools. But unfortunately, I could not recall the whole prayer. I forgot most of the parts of those prayers which we used daily not only at schools, but also at out home at the evenings. I even could not recall the moment when I sang those prayers for the last time. Though I pray to GOD daily and arranged one THAPONA (place for puja) at our Mumbai home, I never sing those prayers here.

Still trying to recall them….”tumi sitta britti muro, porbotoko narayano….”.

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