Work culture

13 Dec

In one University of my home land, research scholars suffer a lot in getting their fellowship. Whatever be the funding agency (DST, CSIR, UGC, NBHM etc), they sanction the whole amount of the fellowship for one year to the university. They deposit the amount in the university account year wise. This is the system they follow in all the universities, colleges, institutes and the research centers. So according to them, students should get the fellowship on the first day of every month. But in that University, most of the research scholars are facing problems regarding their fellowships. They do not get it accordingly every month. They have to wait for almost three months to draw it, which they get exclusively by their merit. The amount of the monthly fellowship is already high, high means it is more than sufficient for the student life. So when it is added for three months, the amount will automatically become very high. On that matter, the account section keeps pending their works regarding the release of that amount. Just imagine, while the other research scholars get the same fellowship on the first day of every month, the university research scholars get them after three months. After mutual understandings between them, finally they release the fellowship to the students.

I was informed about this type of daily routines by my victimized university friends. I personally did not get the chance to experience with the account section,since my reasearch works were done under different institute. What I personally experience was that the work culture of that university. I found most of the employee came after 11 am and left office before 3 pm. If some day, the work did not complete, then the concerned employee could not tell you whether he would come in the next day or not. I faced problems regarding the absence of the employees. I took the casual leaves to complete my works, but failed to complete it due to the absence of the concerned employee. And surprisingly, the person sitting beside his table, could not tell you whether he was present at the office or not. There was no specific time for tea, coffee or lunch. My experience became worst in my life when I applied for the hostel seat of that university.

The atmosphere is same at almost all the offices in my home land. At my father’s retirement, we faced such type of horrible situations that now we are all prepared for the same situation at my mother’s retirement. The employee of the pension office, do not hesitate to torture the aged people. At the retirement, people are generally upset. But after facing the different dealings at the pension office, the aged people become mentally disturbed and frustration. At this frustration, most of the people expire without taking the pension for which they use to up down the pension office.

But I can not say that the entire class of people of my home land follow the same work culture. I am quite proud of myself seeing them at outside the state. Here the same blood follow quite opposite work culture, develop quite opposite thinking. I personally feel that the main fault is the system. If the system would be changed to strict to some extend, then no body could run opposite it. The strictness should be made compulsory to all the employees, from the top-level to the lowest grade, so that no body can blame any one. If the system would be modified and upgraded, then there will not be any brain drain also.

Frankly speaking, we want to contribute our resources to our home land….I really mean it.

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