Mentally retarded

09 Dec

I was very much curious about the mental hospitals and the atmospheres inside it. I have never got the chance to experience with the patients admitted there. Whatever I know it is only from the movies I have watched. When I was in Tezpur University, I planned to visit the Mental hospital which was situated at Hazara Pukhuri, Tezpur…..Besides the natural beauty, Tezpur is famous for this mental hospital. But in the long 2 years, I could not manage to visit this hospital.

For this hospital, the number of mentally retarded people is very high in Tezpur town. Every day you can meet at least one such person in the midst of the town. About them, different people have different opinion. Some says that these people escape from that hospital and roam in the town. The out door people can not imagine the in door atmosphere as no body is allowed to enter the hospital to meet the patients, to see the environment inside the hospital….I was informed that way.

So with the mentally retarded people roaming in the town, some people use to make jokes and while some of them does not hesitate to use them. But no body is concerned about them…exactly from where they are coming….are they really escaped patients from the hospital???

I personally know one photographer who has his studio on the way to the Flora restaurant. He told me that these people were none other those coming for the treatment with their family members. If they did not get any seat in that hospital, they left the patient in the midst of the town. The patient was already mentally retarded, so he did not understand any thing. He could not get the tricks which his family members applied on him. In that condition, when he found himself alone in that place, his condition became more dangerous than earlier. This is how, the number of mentally retarded people increases there.

This is not a joke…..if this type of tricks will get success daily, then one day the whole town would be full of mentally retarded people. There will not be any necessity of another mental hospital in the state.

I personally feel sorry for the family members who do not think twice to leave their blood in the midst of an unknown crowd at his help less condition. For me, the family members are the mentally disturbed persons, not the patient…..

N.B. The Institute is one of the oldest Mental hospitals in India. Established in 1876 as Assam Mental Asylum, the Institute was renamed as Tezpur Mental Hospital in1922. Thereafter the name was Changed to LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health, Tezpur after being taken over by the North Eastern Council, Shillong in 1999.Further information regarding the Institute may be obtained by visiting the website

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  1. stuti ranjeet konwar

    December 16, 2010 at 4:43 am

    thnks dear..


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