08 Dec

Last weekend we went to Pune to visit our Aunt. As per the plan, we took the two wheeler of our cousin to roam the city. My husband got excited in riding the Bullet(Royal Enfield) in the roads of the city. Pune is beautiful and less populated than Mumbai….so we enjoyed there a lot with it. But unfortunately, it was stopped on the road. We did not guess what might be the problem. My husband checked all the parts, still could not get the problem. It happened just in front of the College of Engineering, Shivaji Nagar. There was no other option for we people except calling our cousins to that place, since it was almost 10 pm. While we were waiting for them, suddenly one boy stopped his Bullet near by us. I got worried a bit. He got down from his Bullet and asked us what was the problem. Then he himself checked it, tried to start it and then found the problem and finally suggested us to replace the battery and some other parts which he also replaced for the smooth riding. He told us that he helped us because of the Bullet since he had a sentiment with the Bullet people. I noticed the photo of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, commonly known as El Che or simply Che, who was an Marxist revolutionary and major figure of the Cuban Revolution, on the fuel tank of his Bullet. I liked the boy’s style of living. Though we interacted with the boy hardly for 10 minutes, he sketched his personality on our heart in that very short period. My husband again told me that Bullet is after all a Bullet.

After his departure and before our cousins’ arrival, we walked inside the campus of the college. I was quite comfortable inside it because the Annual Conference of Indian Mathematical Society was held at that college which I attended in 2007. Inside the campus, we noticed the system of the subway which is used for the students and college staffs to go to the another campus of the college across the road. The college provides the subway facility to make comfortable for the students to attend the classes at the other campus without crossing the busy road. I admired the system, since I can understand the horrible situation which might be faced on the busy road while crossing it in hurry moments.

Our cotton college is scatteringly situated in the whole Pan Bazar area. Since the department of Mathematics is in the main building, so our major classes were in the first floor of it. But we had to attend our Assamese classes in the N Building, which is in the midst of Pan bazar, just in front of the BSNL office. Thats why we crossed the busy Pan bazar road which became busiest in the day time, to attend the Assamese classes. At that time, I personally faced lots of problems due the rush on the road and escaped luckily from serious accidents.

If some subways or sky-walks were there for the students and other college staffs to go to the different college campuses, then it would be more convenient for we people. I still feel the problems of today’s students who run for the classes at those buildings.Same problem is also faced in Gauhati University since the University is situated just on the both side of the busy highway towards airport….if this sort of small things can be solved properly, then the environment of the college and university campus would be secure for everyone……I think so.


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3 responses to “Subway

  1. Ricky

    December 8, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    I am agree with your view that we strongly need a subway in GU.

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    December 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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