Do you believe it ???

06 Dec

When I decided to study in Guwahati, my first plan was to visit all the historical monuments in and around this city. Guwahati is enriched by its natural beauty and the historical monuments it has. People who first visit Guwahati should list out some important places in and around it which must be visited for particular reasons.

Among them, Kamakhya temple, Umananda temple, Ugratara temple, Saraighat bridge, Dol Govinda temple and so on…..My experiences in visiting these places are quite interesting and adventurous to some extend.

Since I was staying at Cotton college girls’ hostel for some months, I planned to visit the Ugratara temple some day. The temple is situated on the bank of Jor pukhuri, Uzan bazar. Its a small temple….I read about this temple in my Higher Secondary history course. I completed my HS and degree in Arts section….in HS, my subjects were Economics, Mathematics, History and Sociology. If I did not get the seat in Mathematics, then surely I would continue my career in History. I like History very much….but now I can not manage my schedule to contribute some time in this subject. In degree course, I studied Mathematics as major subject and Economics as pass course. Though I spent 5 years in studying Economics, still I did not get attached with this subject…still I have doubt on the concepts and theories of demand and supply.

Shifting from science to arts is not a rare case…but from arts to science is quite exceptional..thats why I can not clear my NET exam yet because of the lack of knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology….in biology its difficult for me to pronounce the different biological terms, to memorize them is far away from my capacity.

Any way, finally I planned to visit Ugratara temple…this temple was constructed in the era of Ahom Swargodeo Gadadhar Singha. I did not have any idea about the temple before my visit, except the location. While I entered the temple, I saw two diyas lighted inside the temple vertically. It was very dark inside, so I could see the vertical diyas only, nothing else. I stepped forward towards the diyas slowly. I could not guess the inside of the temple due to the darkness. Suddenly the priest asked me from my back to touch the water.

I got surprised….water??? Where the water was?? The priest replied it was just in front of me. Then I realized that I was standing just on the border of the pond inside the temple. I got so shocked that I kept my feet one step back. Then to touch the water, I knee downed there and tried to touch the water. My hand went inside the water…I got surprised to touch the cold water which was just few inches away from me. Then I noticed that there was only one diya at the middle of the pond. The other one which I assumed to be another diya was just its reflection on the water.

Frankly speaking, that day, I was so afraid that within minutes I left the temple without any second look at it. The pond, inside the temple, is connected with the Jor pukhuri and Jor pukhuri is connected to the Brahmaputra river. If I fell down in the water that day, I would be passed by the waters internally and would be found in the Brahmaputra. That incident still trembles me. From that day onwards, I did not even think to visit Ugratara temple any more. That was my first and last day to visit that place. If the temple was explained briefly outside the temple gate, then every body would be comfortable with it. I do not know whether any one got the experience like me or not. But still I feel my experience. I could not imagine such type of pond inside the temple.

Most of the atmospheres of the temples of our place are quite similar. People can not guess which God is worshiped there due to the darkness and the smoke of the Agarbatti and diyas. The atmosphere inside the temple is so polluted and noisy that people can not pray God properly. The situation becomes so critical and hurry that people wish to finish the Puja at the earliest so that they can save their lives, because if you stay inside the temples for a long time, it may be difficult for you to breathe due to the suffocation.

Last year, I visited Kamakhya temple. It is an open logic to all that if Kamakhay Maa calls you, then it will be possible to visit her at the main temple. Because Kamakhya temple is so crowded that most of the people have to return back from the door steps of the temple. They even can not imagine what is actually worshiped inside in the name of Kamakhya. At the main temple, there is a small water falls which automatically flows between the stones. This temple is situated on the top of Nilachal mountain. There is a very long and good story which is known to every one. Since all the girls have the water circulation throughout the year, so this is the water which flows inside the main temple. Your Puja will be completed if you can touch the water. There is no other statue of Maa Kamakhya. The only proof of Her presence is the water circulation which becomes red in the month of July. Once in a year, Maa Kamakhya gets her menstrual cycle that period only which is called Ambubashi and in Assamese Haat.

After almost 12 years later, I visited Kamakhya and this time I could touch the water for which I believed that my worship was complete. This time, I noticed quite a different atmosphere inside the temple. Though it was crowded, still people could stand in the queue inside it for some time due to the air condition and there is sufficient light also so that people can see whom they are actually worshiping.

After visiting Kamakhya temple, I simply wish that may all the temples of my home land update with the same facilities so that no body would get the chance to experience in their lives like me.

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  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    December 8, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Sometimes shortcuts(Subway/skywalk) are worth taking


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