30 Nov

In the last couple of days, one girl from my home town occupied her seat in the news for her extravagant achievement in her career. She got surprising success in her academic career. As per the news published in the paper she got the chances to dine with Obama also. According to her parents and family members, they are carrying a very good and intimate relation with Ambani, Mittal, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata and so on. They told this sort of things in front of every one which includes my mother also. For the people like Sonari, they have to simply listen these things. Because for them, they can not do any thing against these, only to listen silently. Those who protested these things are considered to be the jealous one. So for the people of Sonari, they have to simply digest the things.

For some people, any kind of publicity is a good publicity. For the publicity reason, they do not hesitate to spread over the silliest things in the society. They simply want to be focused in that platform.

I personally knew one girl in my college times…only to keep herself focused she even did not hesitate to step forward to the most dangerous things. She started living together with her boy friend in the age of only 17. She herself confessed all these things in front of every one and made the situation a bit controversial in the college campus. Later on she confessed all these things in front of me when we spent a lonely noon at the private hostel where she came to stay only for few days as a guest. She was very talented, that’s why she got the medical seat just after studying in those few days.

After years later, when I met my friend who had just passed out MBBS from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, she also told about the same controversial things of my hostel mate. My hostel mate stood first in the final examinations also, but still she wanted to keep herself in the news of the campus just doing some unfair things which she could avoid easily. More surprisingly this time her boy friend is not the same.

I simply thought that day that for some people publicity is the back bone to survive. They can not change this habit any more, no matter where they are, what they are doing now….

I removed my hair after my father’s death….but this true was not known to every body out there. Actually at that time, I informed only a very few friends about my father’s expiry. For me this was not such type of news which should be informed every one. I simply informed those who were close to my heart and those whom I should inform officially. The rest of the people did not know the actual fact behind my hair removal. For most of the people, I was assumed to follow the fashion of Water, the movie which was stopped to shoot at that time for the controversial story of the widows of Banaras. That time the film was supposed to be shot by Shabana Azmi and Sima Biswas. Both the actresses removed their complete hair for the movie. But the movie was not completed and after years later it was released, but with John Abraham, Sima Biswas and Liza Ray. Water was a hot topic to be discussed all around and at that time after one month I returned back to my college with my complete removed hair. So it was obvious to assume me to be followed by the fashion of Water. But the actual matter was quite different and most of the people did not know it.

Surprisingly recently, in Gauhati University, one Professor, who was in Cotton college at our time asked me whether I was that girl or not who had removed her hair only to follow Water. That day I simply told my teacher the actual fact and he became quite surprised after knowing the reason behind my hair removal. My Professor told me that I was highly discussed in all around the department about the step I took to get the publicity in the college campus. For him, my activity became quite controversial to every one out there including the academic staff also. That day, there was nothing to tell rather than to listen every thing quietly.

For some people, controversy is not expected, but still it arrives automatically…but for some people it is highly demanded.

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