Extra Marital Affair

29 Nov

I got a chance to experience one family as my nearest neighbor in Mumbai. They shifted to our apartment one month later than me. When they came first, they were only two…husband and wife…the lady was pregnant at that time…..she was carrying 5 months old baby in her womb. Her husband was working at a Company in Mumbai, where he had to sign an agreement regarding his duty hours and it was 12 to 13 hours per day…the salary package was very high…it was good enough to stay luxuriously in a city like Mumbai….so it could be assumed his busy scheduled life here…

I noticed from the very first day that the lady did her works herself….slowly I became quite surprised to see the lady…she used to do not only the domestic works but also the marketing, official works and everything…..she even went herself for her regular check up for the pregnancy…..I thought that her husband might be busy so that she had to manage all the things alone in a very unknown city like Mumbai…..later on when I became close to her, sometimes I gave her company to some extend.

She told me that sometimes she could not understand her husband though they had a long love affair of almost 5 to 6 years before marriage…..she was simply waiting for her baby so that she could expect something changed in her husband…..but surprisingly her husband did not change after the delivery of their baby….now he became more busy as his wife got a company by their baby…..he spent minimum time with her….but she at least expected some quality time with her husband when he was at home….but her husband kept himself busy with his mobile while he was at home…..

I became frustrated to see her life style…..I always admitted that it was she only who managed such type of lonely life with her kid….managing everything from the marketing to the vaccine….

I have noticed many couples whose life goes in the same manner… friend became frustrated when she stayed at home lonely waiting for her husband till 9 pm…..though she had no financial crisis from her husband, still she wished to go outside with her husband, do some marketing with her husband and have some fun with her husband some times.

I thought that these things may happen only for the housewives, not for the working ladies…..I thought that if both will go for their jobs, then this sort of things would not arise…..

But though I am equally busy with my husband, some times I also feel depressed with my husband’s never ending work loads….I simply want to spend some quality time with my husband in the weekends for which I eagerly wait the whole week days….but when my husband goes for office in this weekends also, then I realize the feelings of a housewife who is waiting for her husband everyday. That’s why people become weired when things rise at the highest arguments.

Life in a metro…..we can not ignore the life in a metro where you are alone in the midst of busy crowd…..when some body steps forward to relieve this lonely frustration…what would you do????

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One response to “Extra Marital Affair

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    November 29, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Looking for avenues for shedding the emotional baggage with SOME ONE ELSE is not the solution.
    It instills more of GUILT later on than the feeling of relief from immediate misery.
    Sharing your feelings with the right person is the only solution.


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