Just think about it….

26 Nov

When I was at my childhood, I heard about an incident regarding some one’s married life. That marriage was done very luxuriously as the family of the bride was very good in economic conditions. They did not left any thing to be arranged for the marriage. According to every one, no marriage was performed in that way till date.The groom was also very handsome and rich enough to maintain every thing.

But after few months later, the bride returned home back. She found her husband something abnormal in their married life. After the abnormality of their first night, she observed silently the activities of her husband. She often found her husband in a very absent mind. She also noticed that when her husband was not comfortable, his sister and mother gave him some medicines instantly. When she inquired about the things, they refused to tell her any thing. Slowly she found the whole situation quite doubted and finally she discovered that her husband had some problem in his own personality. She broke down for being cheated and decided to leave her in laws instantly.

At that time, I could not understand the actual problem of their married life….I thought that her husband might be mentally disturbed for some thing…

But when I came to know one incident in my later ages, I recalled the whole incident which I faced at my child hood. Our one senior got married recently..she was also very happy with her marriage. Since her marriage was arranged, so she was quite excited about her husband. After few days of her marriage, she came back to the university campus. We thought that due to the course she had to stay at hostel keeping away herself from her husband. We simply tried to realize the feelings of a newly wed senior. When she went for home, her juniors often teased her for the journey.

But after few months later, one night surprisingly she started weeping telling the truth of their marriage before her juniors. That day only, she declared that her husband was not interested in keeping any relation with opposite gender…she found that abnormality on their first day of marriage itself. Later on her husband admitted the truth before her, telling her that he simply got married only for his family. It was his mother for whom he was bound to tie the knot with a girl, other wise he was not interested with the girls at all. She also tried to continue the relation only for her parents. She was worried about her parents, not for her future since her parents would be worried about her future. Because in our society she would not be accepted any more by any one after tying the knot with some body.

When we heard about our senior, we became shocked…since some time we also created some funny moments asking about her husband. At that time, she simply replied the things silently. We could not judge the situation..who should be blamed???

After my university life, I met one person who was very much interested in arranging marriages. I noticed that most of the marriages she arranged was based on some creative data s. That lady generally hid the truth of both the boy and girl and created some new profile and tried to succeed in her way. She got the success also. According to her, once the marriage was over every thing would be fine…in their married life, they had to maintain the things…she was not responsible at all…her duty was to arrange the marriage matter whatever be the way she applied to make it success.

We were quite surprised to see such type of marriages in front of us since for some couple we knew the actual matter…we were simply worried about their married life when things would be out with its actual color…

Marriages based on false data are equivalent to a crime….the persons performing such type of marriages are nothing but the murderer of the society, since they kill the life of some body by destroying their lives and make the situation horrible to survive…

Think about it…

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One response to “Just think about it….

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    November 26, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Thats why Marriages are arranged in heaven,solemnized in earth.
    You need to have the connect between two people.


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