My adopted child…

25 Nov

I planed to adopt one child from SOS (Save Our Soul) village few years back…..but my mother did not allow me to do so….her logic was at that time I was single…for an unmarried single girl it would be difficult to continue such type of relation in our society…..but as per the rule of SOS, children are not allowed to stay outside. If some body wishes to adopt the child they have to simply pay an amount of money which will be used for the child….for different schemes the amount is different…the authority will maintain all the funds saved for the children….people who adopt the child will be informed about all the progresses and other activities…if they want then they can make a visit to their adopted child only….that’s all….this is the system SOS is following….

So while I went to SOS, my intension was not to meet the child…I wanted to visit one orphanage as I have never been to such type of places earlier…..since this SOS is situated at Azara, near the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati and my friend Pankaj was working there, I planed to visit the place…..but surprisingly I met there a group of my College friends, I became quite comfortable out there. Pankaj showed me the entire campus and explained their activities and mottoes of the orphanage….SOS mainly keeps child and people who are found in the battle fields and who lost every thing in their lives….SOS gives chance to those people who lost the least hope of living in this world after passing their tragic lives….they arrange the different cottages and make some families which is taken care by a mother…the mother is mainly some person who has none in this world….but the children are restricted to get married among them….they must live there as siblings inside the colony….the lifestyle is basically the middle class family life style….

I was surprised to see the environment they were maintaining there….I visited only one cottage and met the family members living there. I met the mother, her children…two girls, two boys and one baby.The baby was brought from the bangladesh border….his name is Nilabh. I became so fond of the baby that I could not forget his face for quite a few days. Finally I decided to adopt the baby in SOS style…means I decided to contribute the amount according to the SOS rule. I was planing to contribute the amount for his whole life. I was quite confident about it that Nilabh would be a great person in future as SOS also provides education to their children in good schools in Guwahati. They help God’s gifts at their best….I was very impressed about the activities SOS was maintaining there…

But my mother restricted me to visit SOS again. She warned me not to visit such places further before my marriage. She was afraid of the society system which we are following daily. She gave me the logic that people might not judge the things like me….for an unmarried girl, adopted child is not accepted in our society. I could not argue my mother’s logic….I became bound also to think the things in my mother’s tune. I simply waited for my marriage so that I could ask my husband for those things, if my husband would be of my type……

Fortunately my husband accepted my proposal. He allowed me to do the things which gives me pleasure. He will be simply with me. I have contacted my friend Pankaj, but unfortunately he left the job from SOS… it will be possible when we will visit Assam again….

Since we have no brothers, our parents were forced to adopt child for doing their funeral works. I came to know these things later…but our parents never judged the things that way. But we experienced some unfair incidents regarding the child adoption. We came across to a family who left their adopted child after keeping some months. They brought the child at the age of almost 7 or 8 years, the boy was very poor so his parents allowed them to keep him….but surprisingly after announcing the entire society about the adopted child and keeping him for few months. They left the boy again due to some unknown reasons. We noticed the boy again in the market places selling some ferns and vegetables…..a pathetic moment for every one. After few years later they again adopted one baby, that time the baby was only for few months old. He was grown up and now he is staying with them….

Child adoption is not meant for the funeral works or other activities….if you want to adopt some baby, adopt him with your heart, not for the showbiz for the society….attach with the child in that way that it would be difficult to stay away from him…..

Seriously speaking, from that day I can not forget the face of Nilabh…


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3 responses to “My adopted child…

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    November 25, 2010 at 6:44 am

    Showing empathy is one of the virtue of being human.
    Let’s our action speaks for being human.

  2. Prankrishna Das

    April 17, 2012 at 11:03 am

    I have read this article @ PRANTIK in the latest issue and I am very excited to know about you…


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