24 Nov

In the entire Guwahati city, only Cotton college does not have any uniform for the students…..Cottonians’ dresses are made restricted to some extend, but they need not to wear uniforms all the college days like the other colleges of Guwahati. Restricted means dresses should be in traditional manner and something descent which can be digested for all the people around the college campus.

Being a cottonian, I am quite experienced with the dresses at our time….some students used to change their dresses very frequently while some had to wear the same salwar kurta in the whole week. I came across to some of my friends who did not like to be in the same dress in a single day….she had so many dresses that she even forgot how many new dresses she left at the tailor. But I met some students also who could not go out with her friends due to her dresses since she had simply a very small quantity of dresses which she could not use for other purposes rather than her classes.

Why uniform is necessary??? At our time, this topic had many arguments…most of the students were against this uniform as they did not want to be in the same dress all their student lives…but while some other students supported the system as they argued that they would be quite comfortable in their uniforms as they did not require to have much dresses…..

I was also against the uniform….that did not mean that I did not like the uniforms, but my point was something different from others…..

Uniform was made compulsory for the students only to make restrictions on them going out side the colleges in college times and restricted them from some unfair jobs at public places so that with that uniforms they could be caught easily. There was one more logic behind the system….uniform would relax some poor students from this fashionable world and they could concentrate on their studies also.

But I had seen the totally different picture of this…..when I was in the private hostel..I had seen some of the students those carried extra dresses in their school bags to bunk the classes in the midst of college time….I even noticed their plans to go out after college also with that different costumes..their school bags carried their dresses along with the cosmetics box also….

More interestingly, some of them were caught in changing their dresses inside their friends’ car….while some were found at some restaurants and parks with their friends in uniform dresses….

While interestingly some of my friends argued that uniform gave them extra extension since they were not from a family background with good economic condition…because they could not manage one extra dress as uniform as they were maintaining their life with the same dress for all the purposes….

In IIT, Bombay, I have experienced with some other situations…here I have seen students coming to their classes in their casual dresses….casual means half pant and a T-shirt and less than it…some students came in night dresses also as they came to attend their morning classes direct from the bed of their hostels in the campus….while some students come with micro minis also…..just imagine, in the same class, students are in half pants, night dresses, micro minis and salwar kurtas…..feel the situation of the teacher who has to digest all these varieties….

Restrictions can not make people perfect…it is completely our credit to judge the things as good or bad….no matter whether there is a uniform or not.


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2 responses to “Uniform

  1. Ranjeet Konwar

    November 24, 2010 at 6:34 am

    Uniform unites…provides identity and dignity.
    I am for it.

  2. stuti ranjeet konwar

    November 24, 2010 at 6:39 am



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