Missing them….

23 Nov

Last weekend I stayed at home alone, since my husband was on tour to Banaras… is obvious that I was missing him in the last weekend….missing in the sense that we generally do all the necessary domestic works in the weekends and spend some quality time together, since in the whole week we even do not get time to quarrel to each other…..during the hectic busy week days schedules, we simply share our home, not our time…..

I prefer to take fish in my weekends….Mumbai is famous for fishes, the available and variety thing I have seen in Mumbai is fish… we can take different types of sea fishes which I have never seen in my life…..though the taste is totally different to our very own river fishes…but still we enjoy the weekend having different types of fishes though I like chicken, pork, duck and mutton very much.

But in the last weekend I missed my husband at the time of lunch only for the fish which I did not go to buy them…..after going outside the whole week days, I normally want to stay at home quietly…..actually I try to escape myself from the busy outside….so I never go to the market in the weekends though I use to do the vegetable marketing on the way to home after the day long duty.

With my husband, last weekend I missed one more person, that was my daily fish wala in Guwahati…when I was staying alone at the rent house at Bhaskar Nagar, near Guwahati Commerce College, Guwahati, one fishwala came to our area daily at the same time….morning at 8 o’clock….but there also, I could not buy the fishes in the weeks days since I went out for my Institute (IASST) before 8 am….so generally I missed him during the week days…but in the weekends, especially in the Saturdays, I woke up early only to take fishes from him….I was lucky for him….as per his version, if I first bought the fishes from him, then the rest of the fishes were sold very quickly on that day…for that reason he treated me as his very good customer…..after cleaning the fish properly, he gave me the fish at a very low price….

One day he came to me only to ask me whether I converted myself from non vegetarian to vegetarian since for the last 2 months I did not take any fish from him…during that period I was accompanied by my mother and she took fishes and chickens any time during the week days also…so I did not need to wait for him for the weekends!!!!!

There are many people whom I missed in Mumbai….the sabji wala who first carried his vegetables on his arms, then carried them on a Thela, then on a Car….a noticeable rise just in front of me, the sales boy of Uncle’s shop for whom I was the permanent customer since I used to buy all my kurats from his shop only…..he even kept one kurta for me as a gift for my marriage which I left for the high price……still remember Tanz super market, Zoo Tiniali, Kolkata Mughlai, Ganeshguri, Asha tailor, Uzan bazaar who delivered me my wedding blouses within a very short period of time….the cooks of 4 Seasons (restaurant, Uzan bazaar)who were once the waiters of Delight fast food corner, at Gouri Sadan, near Cotton college girls hostels, on the bank of Dighali pukhuri, which was famous for the college students for the delighted Chinese foods they served….I was surprised when the same waiters of Delight came to say Hi when I went to the 4 Seasons years later….

If you avoid these people, then life won’t be hampered any more…..for you these people are not so important in your life…..but still these people left one unknown sign in your mind and heart for which you have to recall them one day, at some particular circumstances…..


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3 responses to “Missing them….

  1. afzal

    November 23, 2010 at 6:16 am

    Good going Stuti. I really enjoyed reading your post and it becomes a regular habit now. I also like them as some of them bring the reminiscences of our university days. Keep the good work going 🙂

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      November 23, 2010 at 6:50 am

      thanks razada…actual credits must reach at your doorsteps….keep reading them regularly..

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    November 29, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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