22 Nov

At my previous Institute, I had a very good relation with one senior research scholar….actually my free frank and talkative behavior makes good relations with every one around me….and some time this behavior teaches me some lessons also which I think I am quite deserving to learn people around me, to learn the world with different types of personalities…..

Anyway, though I had a high percentage of good relation with the people at my previous Institute, I still learnt quite some thing there…..

I was maintaining a formal and just Hi Hello relation with every one out there….still I had a very good friend circle at that Institute….among them he was like my brother as we were from the same place with almost the same back ground and culture….so every one was quite comfortable with us also…nothing to worry about us, nothing to judge the things differently….

Since I treated him as my brother I thought I knew every thing about him at the Institute….he was very helpful, he was gentle, he was kind also…..he also managed a very good relation with every one out there…..


At that Institute, one day, among the good friend circle, one friend checked the inbox of one of our friends’ mobile at her absence….in the inbox, she found the secret conversations between my brother and that friend where it was openly written about the so called affair between them…my brother recently got married at that time….as per the conversation, they sent messages sharing the present situations between them….they could not adjust themselves with that mental situations….

My friend informed every thing which I could not digest at any circumstances….since I treated him as my brother and he was recently got married, I never suspected him for any thing wrong between them though they were maintaining a very close friendship…..even I never suspect any body at any circumstances in my life…it is not my nature…..I think if some body should be suspected for the good relation and good friendship with some one, then I will be the first one to be suspected…..because in this world I have so many friends that some times I even try to recognize them….when, where and how we met first…..

So I did not suspect my brother for any type of extra marital affair with any one….but when my friend told me about the conversation she read in the inbox and recollected all the suspected situations in front of me, I was bound to believe the whole situation to some extend…..that day I decided to ask him regarding this matter…..

When I asked him directly, he refused everything as usual, infact he charged me from where I came to know these things….when I told him that I had read the sms he sent her, he refused to believe it as he knew it very well that I would never do such type of stupid things with any one…..

But from that day, a gap arrived at our relation…we started to maintain a formal relation to each other….slowly some thing made me realized that I should not interfere his personal life…..if I would not have listened to my friend then there would have been a good relation between us forever….though we are maintaining a good relation, but still we feel uncomfortable when some thing about our friend arose……

One day, one friend told me that he came to know after checking the mails of his wife that his wife was still keeping some emails of her ex boy friend after marriage which hurt him a lot……from that day he had a doubt about their relation….some times he realized that he did a very big mistake on tying the knot with his wife….he loves his wife very much, that’s why he broke down when his wife argued with him regarding some matter….he felt guilty for checking the email that day…if he would not have checked his wife’s email, he never would have come to know about her past life which she did not share with him before marriage……

One day I some how came to do some office works at the lap top of a senior whom I respected very much…..but by mistake I clicked one folder with the same name of my folder where I came across some very unfair photos and video clippings which I never imagined to be stored at that person’s lap top… respect to him suddenly decreased at that moment without my notice….

We generally make jokes that boys’ wallets and mobiles and girls’ hand bags should not be checked by any one……I think this is not a joke…..we should not check others personal belongings only to keep a faithful and good relation which we have been carrying from our past……only to keep the same respect purely to some one rather than a pseudo relation, we should not touch others personal belongings….no matter what is the relation…..

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