My best friend……

19 Nov

At hostels, I generally faced some personal problems…..personal means I think this type of problems may be faced by all my friends who are from the same level of family back ground like me…..

When I first boarded at hostel in 1998, first problem I faced there was my family response….I noticed some of my friends were all time communicated with the family members…..either their parents called them frequently or they used to call back them in the same manner… that time I was quite surprised to see the relation between them….I could not understand what was there to discuss with their parents….because for me at that time my parents were just like my teachers, a formal relation which I had to maintain very carefully….I never cried before them regarding the bath rooms, regarding the food quality, regarding the environment, regarding my studies also…..I knew that if I would cry for those things telling them I could not adjust myself with the new environment, I might be returned back my home bag and baggage….since my parents also did not get enough time to listen our silly problems….for them if we went out from home for further studies we had to adjust ourselves with all the situations we were facing outside…our parents were with us as long as we were with them….now we should be brave enough to face the whole world alone with lots of patience and lots of power…the only thing they could do for us was to encourage us to step forward and to guide us at our major problems…..

This was the way we got up…..

So when I could not understand anything at my major classes, I simply reminded my mother’s face and kept myself studying hard…..if I would tell the problem she would definitely take me to my local college…where I could follow everything easily….

I noticed some of my friends’ parents who cried equally with our friends regarding the low quality of food…..our friend used to cry on phones before their parents complaining every thing…for them their daughter did not know any thing about the outside world since they kept her in their heart all the time, they kept her such a way that she did not require to do any domestic works also… they requested the warden to keep her with special care…..the owner of that particular private hostel was very practical and experienced….from that day onwards he kept himself observing the girl all the time…..surprisingly one day she was found at a river side park with her boy friend in a very intimate mood…on that day our owner immediately called her parents and requested them to take their so called child immediately from the hostel as he could not keep such type of girl who pretended to be childish before her parents and became over matured just behind her parents……

My cousin faced the birthday and new year culture problem at hostels…..she noticed that their friends’ parents never missed to wish their daughter on her birthdays and new years…they even sent lots of gifts and foods also on those occasions….she was suffering from the inferiority complexes as her room mates were very well communicated on those special days…..she knew that her parents would never call her to wish her on her birthdays, to wish on the new years…it was not their habit to celebrate those occasions at home….so for them birthdays and new years are the same days as like the rest of the days of the year……

So she decided to change the system herself…..she bought one birthday card and one new year card and sent them to her parents along with a draft of the sentences which her parents would write on the cards……she even reminded her parents before her birthday about the cards and ordered them to send it immediately….and surprisingly on her birthday she got a card from her parents for the first time in her life……

I was also very formal with my parents……I was quite free with my father as I was the youngest daughter and so a little bit pampered also…..but it was not compared with my friends…

But after my father’s expiry, my mother became lonely….from that time onwards I became closed to her….I spent my time only to give her company….slowly she engaged with us sharing her sorrows and now we shared all the things like a friend….now my friends became surprised to see such type of relation with my mother…they often asked how it is possible to maintain a friendship with my mother since I never hesitate to discuss any type of problems with her…..sometimes my husband surprised to see the long time gossip with her on mobile…..more frankly I should say that I get quite relaxed by talking with her….only then it will be stopped when one of us will leave this world… husband knows that it is not possible to interfere our relation…so now a days he used to adjust our long gossips on mobile….

I always suggest my niece to treat her mother as her best friend….because if she will share something personal with her best friend she will keep it secretly and suggest for the best thing also…which others may not advise….

For me my mother is my best friend…..

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  1. Michael Whitney

    November 20, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Nice article


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