Action Replayy…

18 Nov

Action Replayy…it is a such type of movie where people can get a chance to reform their activities by going back to their past…..Bonty (Aditya Roy Kapur) got the chance by the time machine to go to the past and modify some incidents which he is suffering at present. So he decided to change the way of his parent’s marriage as they use to quarrel everyday….and the story continues.

If I would have been given this opportunity in my life…..

First I would have never left my father before one month of his death….I left him at his bed due to my part I exam….I did not think that my father’s health was at that level that he would leave us just after one month of my leaving from home….I planed many things to share with him after my exam…..but I could not meet my father….If I knew these things earlier I would have never left him and would have stayed with him all the time till his death….

Secondly, I would have managed myself to go home on that time itself when I got the news of my father’s expiry… is still depressing for me to recollect that day….I got the news at 9 am on that day…at that time my elder brother in law’s brother was with me….as per my mother’s suggestion, he managed everything for me….but he booked the ticket for the night super which ran at 9 pm….If the situation was with me, I would have planed for the break journey and some how managed to reach home before my father’s funeral….due to my delay, I could not attend my father’s funeral which was my wish from my childhood as we have no brothers….but unfortunately I reached home next day morning when everything was over….I missed every thing which I think today, I should have to attend for several reasons.

Next, I wish to go back to my university life where I did lots of mistakes…..I would have never asked one of my MCA senior about the binocular they used at hostel…..I exactly did not know whether there was a binocular at BCN boys or not, but unfortunately I asked my senior about it at a public place which I realized later I should not ask him…..later on I came to know that the senior was very much offended on my behavior and I did not get any chances to apologies my mistake before him….with this blog I simply apologies the situation before him…..

In our second semester, I did one mistake regarding the course material….we were informed from the BCN boys that 80% of the end term of our Statistics paper would come from the mid term paper…..respectively three boarders of our department from the three floors of BCN girls were informed about this….but that day I was having severe fever…I even did not take my dinner that day….next day I some how managed to attend the exam…I thought that the other girls from the other floors would inform the rest of the girls of our department….that was the biggest mistake I did that time….actually that was not done at that time….

Next day after exam, the rest of the girls complained against me to the respective sir of that particular paper for not being informed about the 80% matter….for the whole situation I was blamed….I did not understand why I was blamed solely for the whole incident….to my great surprise the other girls, who were also informed to let others inform about the 80%, joined them. All the incident was guided by our the then so called department senti seniors…..from that day I tried to avoid my department girls and tried to keep myself alone at my classes….but there were still some boys who knew my attitude and always gave me the support….that time one friend told me that we should study the whole course for the end term, why this 80% matter arose…..

But today I thought that if I would have informed them some how, I would have escaped from the great conspiracy against me….later on, one friend told me that from that incident I was suspected when I got the highest marks in any sudden class test…my class mates thought that I was informed by the respective teacher about the sudden test and I did not inform any body about it and got the highest marks in the paper…that really hurt me…..still I did not blame any body….later on fortunately my special paper was quite different from all my department girls and there I did not need to worry about all these silly things…..and finally the result came in front of every body…..

I missed the visit of our the then president and great scientist Abdul Kalam….later on I realized how big mistake I did in my life by escaping myself from those grand events…but I have a strong desire not to meet him but also to discuss with him some thing about the research…regarding this I still have a very strong will power to meet him and to discuss about my research….last year at Roorkey, I got the chance to stay with his colleague as my room mate as he is now a Professor at Anna University and visiting Professor at her Institute…from her I came to know lots of things about him….

My Action Replayy will be continued if I do not stop…..

What about your Action Replayy????

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