She was still alive…

15 Nov

My aunty (Mahi) suddenly fell ill seriously…as per her version, at first she had some weak feelings regarding the least food she was taking that time due to her newly born tooth….the last tooth in her mouth as she was running by 45 age at that time…..on those days she passed her days by taking only some soup….nothing else…..after few days later her only daughter (my cousin) came home and she brought one Garnier cream for her mother from Guwahati. She was doing her B.Com. in Guwahati itself. But after applying the Garnier cream, some black spots appeared in her face in the next day….with this incident my uncle took her to his Medicine specialist Doctor friend in Dibrugarh as my uncle is also a Doctor in profession.

Unfortunately, after the blood and other medical tests, the doctor advised my aunty to take some rest….we were still not so much worried about the serious ness of our aunty…we thought that our aunty’s health required some temporary rest….

But after almost one month, we were informed that aunty did not get well much and now she was admitted at the Dispur Poly Clinic, Ganeshguri, Guwahati. So we thought that we must have to visit our aunty….when we went there, she was quite well in talking, infact I did not find any thing wrong with her health….she enjoyed a lot with us and even our cousin recorded all the moments we spent with her….but my elder sister suspected some thing serious about her health as she came to know about this after studying my uncle’s face.

After one week of our visit, at the evening we were informed by our mother that aunty expired due to her blood cancer (leukemia)….we were so shocked that we could not call our cousin sister…..I did not understand what to talk with my cousin who had just lose her mother…still I somehow managed to call her but could not ask any thing about the death….

Next day morning, I went to the Dispur Poly Clinic to bid farewell my aunty….since my mother told us that she would be taken home on that day….after reaching there, I met my cousin….but she seemed to be quite normal though she was tensed…when I asked her about aunty she told me that aunty was in the ICU and asked me whether I wanted to meet her or not…..I got prepared to meet the dead body of my aunty…

When I entered the ICU, I got quite surprised to see the environment inside it….aunty was taking her breathe deeply and my uncle was preparing to give a injection on her hand…I was shocked to see my lively aunty rather than her dead body….we were informed wrongly…aunty was not dead…she was alive…she was taking her breathe in front of me and everybody was quite normal out there except me.

Immediately I dialed my mother and informed her the right situation…she immediately told the Principal sir of her school as on that time, one condolence was arranged at school on my aunty’s death….within a very few moment, every body at our home town was informed correctly about aunty so that no body would call uncle or my cousin to show their sympathy.

Anyway, after some time, I left the clinic as every thing was fine there.


On that day evening, we were again informed that aunty passed away finally….I called my cousin and she told me crying that aunty left them the previous day, that was uncle who kept aunty alive by giving her artificial oxygen….she was kept under ventilation as her elder son did not arrive yet… after her son’s arrival, the oxygen pipe was removed and her death was declared…but only uncle knew the real fact…..not even our cousin….

Any way we were not informed wrongly at the first time….finally she was taken home on that day itself to do the funeral….

I simply promised to be with my cousin all the time at that moment….though I knew that no company in this world would be compared to her mother’s company…she only knew what she lose that day…..she could simply realize the feeling, no body else…..we could show our carings and promises only….nothing else.

Today I simply pray for the great soul of my aunty…wherever she is…just be happy there…

NB. Dedicated to my aunty.

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