Finally I did it…

12 Nov

When I was in cotton college, I stayed at a private hostel…..exactly not a single private hostel…during my whole degree course I changed 3 hostels…..I was not allotted at the Cotton college girls hostel at the first list due to my less percentage….I got the hostel seat after 3 months….in these 3 months, I arranged my accommodation at a private hostel at Uzan bazar…that’s why I preferred Uzan bazar in the entire Guwahati city due to my first stay at Uzan Bazar after arriving at the biggest city in Assam….

Though I was very happy in getting my hostel seat at Nalini Bala Devi (NBD) Girls’ Hostel, I could not survive there for long…I quit my seat after staying 6 months in NBD, 1st floor, Room No. 111…..I could not adjust myself inside the 5 seated room and even could not adjust the environment inside the hostel campus…..may be I was not eligible for the environment…or may be I could not resist myself with the seniority environment inside our room since the senior most girl of our room was in Degree 3rd year and she treated her room mates as her rented servants…..whatever be the reason, I finally decided to quit NBD.

Finally I shifted to one private hostel in Chenikuthi, Uzan bazar, near Exotic. It was a very good hostel…good means it seemed to be good from outside….the boarders were individually a piece of items, I somehow managed it…

In that hostel, I got some experiences with my room mates….they were cousin sisters in relation…but belonged to different places….among them one sister is very much curious with the other one…..the other one was quite indifferent with others… day, they had some misunderstanding among them regarding some personal matter….from that day onwards, they stopped talking to each other….I, the 3rd person in the room faced the problem in talking with them. They did not even joined me if one of them was talking with me…..I became very confused to talk with them since most of the time I did not have any particular topic in which I can discuss with only one of them….still some how I managed them.

After few days, I found that one of my room-mate became very happy if some thing was gossiped against her cousin sister….even with me also she liked to gossip the bad things of her cousin….she liked to talk about her cousin sister all the time with me even I showed her the least interest….I got irritating with this activity….I planed to avoid this sort of discussion….

So, from that day onwards, I started to talk with her about all the worst things of her cousin sister….at first she became very impressed on me and showed the fullest respect to me….my simple job was to talk the bad things of her cousin…nothing else….I also enjoyed the situation very much though it was quite irritating.

But after someday, she herself got irritating on my gossiping…..slowly she tried to avoid my gossiping….and finally one day she declared that though she did not want to continue the good relation with her cousin sister, she lost her interest in gossiping about her cousin and promised me not to discuss anything bad about any body…..after all how long her stomach would digest the bad things….

My plan worked nicely…from that day onwards, I breathe the fresh air inside my room…no gossip, no discussions, no quarrels at all.

When they left, again two sisters came to my room…this time they were not cousin sisters….but a step forward than the previous sisters….the younger was very cunning in nature, she taught her elder sister how to deal with others….more frankly I had not ever seen such type of cunning persons in my life.

One day, my elder sister came to meet me….she offered me to go outside and have something in restaurant…since the younger was absent, the elder sister also showed interest in going with us and since we were simple students at that time, so it was before decided that whatever we took at the restaurant we would pay it ourselves….no treat, no freak out…..


That day, we had some Chinese dishes….since she did not have change in her purse, so my sister decided to pay the whole amount and whatever the amount she had to pay she would pay me at hostel…..

Ok done!!!

After the food, we returned back to our hostel….one day gone, two days gone…I did not notice any symptoms of giving me the amount back….next day the younger sister returned back from home….after her arrival, that day evening she told me that she became very jealous about that day and missed also the Chinese dishes we had at the restaurants…I was shocked when she told that her sister told her that my sister gave us a grand treat that day!!!!!

Grand treat means??? You people did not have any intention to return back my money????? My foot!!!!!

I simply scolded myself that day not to ask them directly the amount which they had to return me and my sister did not give any treat that day…..but I could not say any thing though I required that amount heavily due to my financial crisis.

Some body told me that if you try to avoid some person you ask him some money as a loan….I applied that method with them….after quite a few days, I asked them the amount of my one month’s expenditure as a loan since they showed themselves in the hostel as the richest boarders….because their ancestors were big tea planters in Upper Assam. So they could not refuse my loan…they promised me to give the amount after few days.

But surprisingly, after some days, they changed their room…they shifted to a different block where they did not need to face me.

That day, I was simply laughing in my room…..finally I did it.

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