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11 Nov

In Mumbai, recently our friend became father of a baby boy…in the Operation Theater, he was allowed to stay with his wife….but his mobile was strictly prohibited inside the OT. After the delivery, the doctor himself asked him to inform their parents about their baby boy. He dialed his resident’s number in Assam and informed his parents about the good news and asked them to inform his in-laws since he missed some digits of his in-laws resident’s number.

If somebody asks you about your mobile number, can you reply them immediately without any second thought???

Last week, when my husband was in Indore, his mobile had some problems there…means it was not getting the network properly in Indore… that time, I was in Ahmedabad….so we both got a little bit worried about each other since our only communication was totally cut off….my mobile was ok in Ahmedabad….so there was no other option for me rather than to wait for his call…..when he called me he told me that it was quite depressing for him to search a PCO in a city like Indore or Bhopal…..the number of PCOs are quite a few now a days….its true…..I also face such type of problems when my mobile gets switch off due to the zero battery.

But once upon a time, it was like that we used to make a queue in front of the PCOs when we were in college. Even in the University, the mobile communication became available just after our farewell from the university life….when I went for the University Convocation, I became surprised to see the mobile culture within the campus….the then prefect told me that the boarders used to go out side the hostel in search of network…even in the night dresses….she told me that the network seemed to be a good excuse to go out side the hostel after the gate closed…..that day I simply thanked the mobile communication to step forward towards our University campus after our departure, because if it was at our time, we, who had the least chance of getting a mobile from our parents would suffer from a bit of inferiority complexes…

Anyways, I was not quite confident about my own number before few days. When I was asked my mobile number at any moment….I had to see the contact lists of my mobile. Slowly I tried to memorize my number and my husband’s number….so that I can instantly dial these numbers any time. Now a days we need not to memorize our mobile numbers since our mobile memory card is there for this particular job. Our friend told us that day, that he even activated the speed dialing against his wife’s number as 2….when the button 2 will be pressed it will be none other than his wife….no matter in which name it is saved….the shortest way to dial some one…here you even need not to memorize the names also….simply one single digit…1 is for your wife, 2 is for your mother, 3 is for your boss etc etc.

But can you forget the first Land line number of your home….you can not forget it even if you try to forget it….since you dialed this number thousands times when you were in hostel or outside your home…..when you faced financial problems in hostel, only this number came to your mind first, when you secured good marks in exams, your finger automatically dialed this number…when you missed your mother’s recipe then also this number knocks to your mind to encourage you to hear your mother’s voice…..

Though it is not there, I still remember my first Resident’s number….03772-256469.


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2 responses to “Mobile number

  1. Devabrata C

    November 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Very good observation, I can’t forget our first landline no. I am developing a habit of dialing residence no. by typing it. It really helps.


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