Heights of everything….

10 Nov

My last hostel experience was the worst experience in my life…..after that I decided not to stay any more in hostels….more frankly I decided to quit the hostel after having some bitter conspiracies….

After spending lots of money and valuable time in private hostels and paying guests, I decided to shift to the Gauhati University research scholar hostel where I could save both money and time…when I first faced the Hostel warden, my sixth sense predicted me some upcoming wrong circumstances that day….still I was determined to stay some months in that hostel as I had no direct experience with the University environment, especially the University campus. Everyday I noticed the warden’s face as if she had just taken a baby mango or lemon…..anyway we had to face this horrible face once in a week or month when the hostel environment went to its most critical points.

My first room-mate was nice…nice means with her I could spend few months….but due to some problem in the room, I shifted my bed to some other room which was in a different block. In those few days, I came to know quite a few things about the hostel, about the university campus and even about the system which were there for long years. The maximum boarders of that hostel were quite matured in age…since all were doing either Ph.D. or M.Phil., but their nature and thoughts could not be imagined. It will be unfair if I judge all the boarders in the same category…there were good people also, more appropriately the indifferent people who never opened their mouth in any circumstances…never argued with any one for any thing…simply digested the circumstances.

But some boarders were so dangerous that I have not met such type of people in my long 30 years life….you can’t imagine up to which level their discussions, their slang languages, their life styles went up….not only me, we all Assamese people should be blamed for them if they represent us….they simply kept themselves busy in discussing others personal matters and got interested in others depression, others personal sentiments.

I still remember one incident…..due to some points, we, some of the boarders were offended on our prefect…she was a junior student and she recently cleared the NET JRF….so she was busy with her studies as she had to appear in different entrance exams in IITs….at that time, the girls whom I am talking about, planed something horrible against the prefect which I could never imagine in my life…they planed that if the prefect would go to IIT Kanpur, they would tell their friends in IIT Kanpur to spread the news that one Assamese prostitute was ready to hit their IIT, so be prepared to face this most demanded Assamese prostitute in their institute….they planed to make our prefect as the prostitute to destroy her life. But fortunately, the prefect got her admission in IIT, Guwahati and now she is doing her Ph.D. there itself.

Can you imagine such type cheapest mentality????? It’s the heights of enmity….

Now the heights of showing your love to your beloved…..

My friend recently fell in love with some one very special…in her language she has not ever met such type personality in her life…he is so matured, so caring, so lovable, so handsome and so on….more importantly he loves my friend very much and she even claims that no one in this world loves his beloved as much as her beloved loves her….for this she has a good point also which is not compared to any one’s love….

Her beloved gives her that amount of kisses the date it comes….that is if it is 1st day of the month, one kiss, 2nd day of the month, two kisses, 3rd day of the month, three kisses and it continues…..imagine the condition of her beloved when it comes the 30th day of the month, 30 kisses!!!!!

These are all happened over mobile…..30 kisses in a day at a time…give me a break yaar!!!!!

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