I simply judge the things that way…

08 Nov

Before watching Slumdog Millionaire, I did not have much knowledge about the slum areas or the slum people or the beggars who came to us suddenly at public places. At fancy Bazar, Guwahati, we often notice these sort of beggars coming to you asking for something when we stop for chats or phuskas at the circle. I guess you people also notice one person who keeps surviving depending on a two wheeler wooden plate after loosing his both feet and hands. I was quite surprise to see this person and questioned myself how he maintained his daily life.

But after watching the movie, I got some knowledge regarding these slum people…the child beggars around us. One day, at Ganeshguri, Guwahati, we were at a tea stall just on the side of the road…suddenly one child beggar came to us asking something for him also as he was hungry for the whole day (according to him)….we became ready to give him one coin…then suddenly one of our friends asked the shop keeper to give one more samosa to the child beggar also….we people became simply surprised to see such type of attitude….he simply replied that if we people gave him the money, the amount would be gone to their masters’ pocket as we watched in the movie…so if we gave him some food, then he could take it at the moment and could relieve from his hungriness for a moment……we simply gave salute to our friend for his great thought…..

In Mumbai locals, everyday I meet the sales men and sales women and even the sales children also…..sometimes I purchased some items which I never required, but purchased only for them….after the day long schedule, when one child asked you something to purchase from him and when he told him that he would not be given anything to eat if he failed sell anything that day, then you could not but purchasing the unnecessary requirements also only to let them survive in the world also…

Their parents should be blamed for the unnecessary steps they took….but their children should not be blamed and responsible for that…I simply judge the things that way…

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  1. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    November 9, 2010 at 4:57 am are true…


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