Ek Hasina thi……

08 Nov

When I was in Tezpur University, I generally enjoyed my weekend by watching movies or roaming the town here and there or visiting my Local Guardian’s home….those days make me nostalgic when I started talking about them…..I really enjoyed those days all around the campus and the small and beautiful Tezpur town….I still remember, one day we (Dhanakshi and me) went for town at the 7.10 am bus….our plan was to watch the movie “Koina mur dhuniya” in Jonaki cinema hall and returned back before lunch…..on the holidays the bus timings are a bit changed….it runs half compared to the working days….so on that day we had to come by 12.10 pm bus…otherwise we would have to wait for the next 4.20 pm bus…so we decided to leave the movie if it was not finished to catch the bus any how…..

We generally prefer Assamese movies….so found it more interesting than it was…We forgot the time….and finally we missed the bus….the next bus was at 4.20 pm…..what to do in this long 4 hours….we had our lunch at Bamboo Groove…just in front of Oasis….the famous restaurant for the University couples…..we often enjoyed the romantic moments spent by our very own university friends…..believe me we never disturbed them any more….we simply kept ourselves peering them silently…

After that also we had enough time to spend…so again decided to watch another movie at Anuwar cinema hall….we had to leave this movie also to catch the 4.20 pm bus….but unfortunately we missed it again!!!!

The next bus was at 7.20 pm, last bus to University campus….another 3 hours was in our hand…after roaming here and there and spending some time in Flora, finally we got the bus and reached hostel after spending 14 hours at town on that day!!!!

In the weekends, we enjoyed movies in our computers….but when we were in the 3rd semester, the BCN boys arranged some good movie shows in the community center in every Friday….I enjoyed only “Mitr: My friend” and “Forrest Gump”….the rare watching English movies in my life….so we took the CDs from the Shop outside our University gate and watched it first together, then called the other friends to watch the movie in my room.

Ek Hasina thi….the whole campus watched the same CD of this movie as the CD distributor was same….if one borrowed the CD, it was distributed to all the hostel mates to copy it on their own computers….but unfortunately the CD was damaged….

The CD stopped while Urmila took Saif to the cave…on the way to the cave, the CD did not run…so we did not know finally what happened at the ending….

One of our friend from MCA, watched the movie at his home…so he knew the ending of the movie….he told us that Saif got realized his guilty and confessed before Urmila and Urmila decided to settle down with Saif afterwards forgiving his crimes….a flop ending at all….we all ranked the movie as the flop one…

After quite a few days later, we came to know the actual ending of the movie…in his language, our friend simply made us MAMU……

I really missed all the moments spending in our University campus, the football matches, Varsity week, Varsity Dhaba, Narayani Dhaba, Hasimda’s maggie, the famous cheni ali, the couples standing under the Bel tree….the couples sitting in the darkness of the community hall, the quarrels among the hostel mates, the conspiracies, the mess, the seniority attitudes, bookings for the bathrooms, complaints to the wing representatives, having fun with visitors, keeping alert every time to hear our own names in the mike for telephones or visitors, the long queue for the intercom, infact the longest queue I have ever seen in the world, our floor’s intercom was booked for the seniors for the late nights and lots more…..

In this busy scheduled life, I still recollect all those moments we shared together, laughed together, cried together, shouted together and enjoyed together…..

Do you still remember them???


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4 responses to “Ek Hasina thi……

  1. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    November 9, 2010 at 5:03 am

    You remind me the sweet memories….of our University days…

  2. afzal

    November 10, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Yasmin told me this incident. She was also quire furious at that time knowing how the guy made all of you Mamu 🙂


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