My 30/10 experience

02 Nov

On the 30th October’2008, Guwahati was trembled with serial bomb blasts by the terrorists. Not only in Guwahati, bomb blasts were there in Barpeta and Kokrajhar also…..that day was really a black day for the people of Assam….it became a dangerous and in secured experience for every one who were out of their home on that day….anyway, the terrorists again proved their well established existence in Assam by doing these activities….we simply got the chance to criticize others…

But my experience was quite different…

That day, as per the pre scheduled program, we (me and my friend Phulmoni) went out from my rent house after 10 am. Our main job was to apply for a teaching job at different places….so we first arranged the day long schedule…since my rent house was at Bhaskar Nagar, near Gauhati Commerce College, more appropriately near Aunty’s shop, the famous shop for Assamese dress materials, we arranged the places like:

1. Sankar Academy, Pan bazar
2. Meghdoot Bhavan, Kachari
4. Chandmari, IGNOU office.

or otherwise,

1. Ganeshguri
2. Zoo road and then Commerce College.

Giving priority to the first schedule, we decided to go first Pan bazar and lastly to IGNOU office. So we got in a city bus at the Commerce bus stop….while the bus was running on the Chandmari flyover, we decided instantly to get down at the next stop to go to the IGNOU office first. So just travelling one stopage, we got down at Chandmari and went to the IGNOU office. After taking the required information, we moved towards the Chandmari bus stop…our next destination was Pan bazar….that day was very hot in Guwahati…hot means terrific hot….people could not go out without umbrella or other protections…..we decided to sit a while at a coffee bar at Chandmari to relax a bit.

At that time, my sister called me on my mobile asking about my whereabouts and informed us about the bomb blast which was just 5 minutes back at Kachari, just infront of the Meghdoot Bhavan…our second destination!!!! That bus in which we first travelled perhaps met the bomb blast and we missed it just for 3 minutes !!!

Still we planed to go the Sankar Academy, Panbazar, since the bomb blast was infront of Meghdoot Bhavan, not Sankar Academy….we decided so…we were just about to get in a bus, then my mobile again rang and it was none other than again my sister informing us about the other bomb blasts at Panbazar and Ganeshguri.

Finally we decided to return back to my rent house….we became a little bit angry for the wastage of our day…but still we went back to Bhaskar Nagar and informed my family members that I was safely sleeping at home…nothing to worry about….

After some time, the network services were stopped for several hours….we did not even imagine what was the situation out side…we bothered only for the wastage of the whole day without completing our jobs….

At the evening, when we went through the news channels and saw the actual picture of the bomb blasts…..we simply started trembling seeing the dead bodies and thinking our day long schedule…..

We simply admitted that once in our life, we did at least one good deed for some one, that’s why that day we returned back from the very near of death’s door….we just thanked God for saving our lives and blamed the terrorists for taking the lives of several people….

The bomb blasts spots became horrible at a moment….we could not identify our own places due to the burnt vehicles, burnt dead bodies, scattered parts of the human bodies which we crossed almost everyday….that’s really pathetic…..

Next day, when we went out for office, we had seen the scattered vegetables, shoes, clothes and even the blood clots of human beings….that experience was really unexpected for me and I never wanted to have such terrible experiences in my life….

What could we people do…only to pray for a peaceful and safe life in future and to pray for the souls…..

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