With whom you stood at that time…..

01 Nov

Last week, I went to Ahmedabad to attend DST’s Annual Progress report presentation meeting….it was held at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA). After the day long schedule, I went to meet one of my University friends who is staying with her family just near to AMA. We met after 5 years…obviously there would be a lot of things to gossip, to recollect, to make funny of some particular things and to share something on the new lives we are running now…..we had a very good time together within a very short time due to my hectic schedule….in between some incidents again came to the point which made me quite confused about my opinions….

When we were in Tezpur University, during the last year…one department arranged one Puppet Show at the University Community Center….so far my knowledge was concerned, regarding the show they came to the contacts of some people who were in Govt of India posts. The show was done perfectly…but the system was something changed after that. Our friends became closer to the Govt of India professionals which led a serious matter in the university campus. The then Assistant Warden of our Hostel was informed about all those happenings and she called an urgent meeting regarding that matter. But to respect the future of those young girls, she did not announce the names of those girls who were involved in….she simply warned all the girls not to involve such activities in future.

I was informed like that…..since I was absent at the urgent meeting also due to some personal problem….I was not quite confirmed about the incidents. But just after the meeting, one of our friends announced the names of those involved girls since she was from the same department of our Assistant Warden…so she claimed that she knew the whole episode… make the story more interesting some of our friends joined her only to cultivate new seeds!!!!

I was in my room…my best friend informed me about the whole incident….I was shocked to hear one name more than to hear the whole incident. That name was my wall mate..who was not only my close friend but also my trusted one….I often appreciated her management skill at her home since she lose her mother before 6 months of her university life…for me she was quite active and smart in all the categories…she was very talented also…..more appropriately I called her as multi talented since I was a fan of her Bihu dance and the sweet voice she had.

Once my wall mate friend left her project behind to give company to the girl at her father’s funeral who announced their names….I was quite surprised to see such type of friendship…..

I did not want to know the whole incident from any one else…its not my nature…when things are involved with the one whom I like, I generally go to them directly to ask the actual matter…I don’t believe in others view or discussion…..

I went to my victimized friend’s room…she was also sleeping at her bed….when I told her everything and asked her the actual matter she simply told me that they were their friends only……thats enough….I did not want anything more clarification from their side….I still do not know whether they told me the right or wrong….whether they did something wrong which were discussed all around the campus….I even did not discuss the things behind them…..I simply asked my friend to tell the truth before our Assistant Warden and to request her to control the situation without creating any big situation, otherwise some people would make it a big issue. After that what the decision was declared I did not know. But the result of the whole episode did not come smoothly…the affects were alive after a long period….the stories of our victimized friends twisted……I think those were the open secrets of our time.

Things became normal after quite a few days… close friend’s life was also changed….but our friendship was not changed….we are still good friends….not closed at all since we are far away from each other. At that time, I was quite surprised to know the view points of our friends who were very good with them just before the incident. I never judge people with their personal lives…we people are free and independent about our personal lives…but still we should maintain our lives to some extends….it does not mean that we should comment on others personal feelings.

That time, I believed that they might have done some mistakes…but it did not mean that we should avoid them and discuss all the time about them….whatever they did if it was wrong they got the result…life would give the lesson for their misleading…..what we could do as a friend was simply be their friend at their set backs….who knows the same type of set backs may also wait for you in future…..

NB. Dedicated to all my victimized friends.

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