Bhoot Jolokiya

25 Oct

Yesterday, Akshay Kumar showed our very own Bhoot Jolokiya to the participants of the Master Chef India which is telecasted in the Star Plus, only on Satur day and Sun day at 9 pm….the episode on Bhoot Jolokiya will be on the next episode, that is on the 30th October’2010, at 9 pm. Yesterday in the trailer, Akshay Kumar showed our Bhoot Jolokiya to the participants and told them this chilly is called in the North East as Bhoot Jolokiya and it is equal to 400 chillies!!!!

It really made me proud to be an Assamese and to see our dearest Bhoot Jolokiya in this programme.

I was not very much concerned about the people who has the least knowledge about Assam and North East…infact before coming outside Assam I did not know that Assam is so ignored and unfocused in the same country….I was very much shocked knowing that Assam is known as a Jungle State in other parts of the country…

In 2007, I met a research scholar from Rajashthan, at the Annual Conference of Indian Mathematical Society, which was held at Pune University. When I told her that I belonged to Assam, she was quite confused whether I am from India or abroad as she had no idea about Assam and even did not know the names of the states of North East…just imagine…we are still the same Indians!!!

At Roorkey IIT, one friend from Indore asked me whether we watch Hindi movies or not since so far his knowledge is concerned Assam is nothing but a Jungle state full of Jungle and Animals….he can not imagine a city like Guwahati, a hill station like Shillong and many more…when I told him about the life styles of Guwahati, he refused to believe that….but still he said that after seeing me he somehow believed a little….but still he had some doubt as he always read those things about Assam everywhere….that day I simply thanked myself for being a little bit stylish and fashionable on my own way.

Recently we did our marriage registration in Mumbai..when we first approached the lawyers, they asked me whether Assam is inside India or not….just look at the knowledge… will be surprised to know that one renowned Assamese film director was asked his passport when he went to book a room in a hotel in Jaipur!!!!

Last month in a furniture show room (Better Home, Andheri East), the manager asked us about the terrorists in Assam…they asked why we people do not protest against terrorist..why we let such non Indian and non Assamese people do such terrific activities in our homeland…..non Indian and non Assamese??? We simply laugh at ourselves….how they will know that those terrorists are none other than our very own Assamese people themselves…..

But still I met some people who has more knowledge than me about my homeland….in Bhubaneswar, the Director of Institute of Mathematics and Application asked me about Bora chowl, about mekhela chador……he even told me that in Assam married women should be in mekhela chador, so why I am in jeans and kurta…I became so ashamed that next day I wore mekhela chador only to show him that I am still the Assamese married woman…..I even met some people who told me about the Assam history and to my great surprise suggested me to protest the Bangladeshi people in crossing the border…

I think people who are staying in Assam are not facing such type of situations…but we the people who are staying away from our homeland are facing regularly this sort of things….we become very frustrated about our least focused culture…..things become depressing to us when we see people taking the taste of aloo paratha at a restaurant in Mumbai, taking the taste of dosa, idli, pao bhaji at a restaurant in Guwahati or listening the different folk songs all around India except our Borgeet, Lokgeet or Jikir and our dearest delighted tasty Assamese dishes….

Who will be the in charge of focusing our homeland as a very rich cultured State…some individual or we the people????


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4 responses to “Bhoot Jolokiya

  1. afzalhussain

    October 26, 2010 at 8:07 am

    I think we shouldn’t forget who we are and where we from and should always be proud of the cultural heritages of our roots.

  2. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    October 26, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Of course we..the young generation…

  3. stuti ranjeet konwar

    November 1, 2010 at 4:56 am

    You people are quite right…thnks for the comments


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