Post Master Vs Mobile phone

23 Oct

In the last year December, I met one friend from Kashmir at the National Meet of Research Scholars’2009, held at IIT, Roorkey. He was quite against following the modern technology system. He even did not have a single mobile, nor an account in Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere whereas we people can not imagine a single day without our mobiles. If someday we forget to carry the mobile, that day seems to be the most insecured day in our life….if I am without my mobile I feel that I am landing at an isolated island out of any communication. But my friend has strong arguments against it. For him mobiles and social networking are the most useless things in this world….according to him, because of the invention of mobile people forget how to write letters…people can not understand what is the importance of a post master in our lives since today we need not to wait passionately for the letters from your dear ones.

Is it so???

What will you do if you get the letter carrying the news of your parents expiry after 10 days later of the date???

What will you do if you get your appointment letter after the date of joining???

What will you do if your application for the admission in a reputed college reach after the date of admission???

Everything has its both good and bad parts…even a coin has its both sides….but thing is that in what sense we are taking the system. I personally feel that if the telephone systems was not there, I could have missed the news of my father’s expiry and could have missed all the sentimental issues around my mother. For me mobile is the part and parcel of my life…since only because of it everyday I am attaching with my family members though I am far away from my Homeland. I am quite grateful for the scientists like Charles Babage, Richard H. Frenkiel, Joel S. Engeland and many other for the big breakthrough. Today’s communications industry would not be what it is without the contributions made by these scientists.

In seminars,we are often requested to switch off our mobile phones so that people who are attending the seminar and who is delivering the presentation would not be disturbed….its right….we should atleast keep our cell phones in silent mood….

If you are the speaker then you might be disturbed if something wrong is happened over your mobile…if your mobile brings the news of your beloved’s expiry before your presentation then what you will you do??? Will you quit the place at the moment or you will deliver your presentation accordingly???

I am sorry to forget the name of the great Assamese writer and actor who got the news of his son’s death when he was about to perform a drama on the stage by one telegram….but surprisingly he performed on stage properly keeping the telegram in his pocket without informing anyone about it….I became encouraged after seeing such personality who over come live’s obstacles so bravely…

To respect the speaker, our mobiles should not be rang…that is a different thing.

But if your are quite ready for your life…is it necessary to avoid these things…..

I remember one serial in Assamese about a Post master who fell ill oneday and after few days he expired…but the letters which he was supposed to deliver were kept in his bag. Nobody was concerned about the bag…but few years later when some body found the bag, he opened every letter which were yet to be delivered. Each letter carried one episode of the serial and carried important news also…the gap of the times was showed in that serial…..I enjoyed it a lot.

On which side you want to step forward….Post master or mobile phone?????


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2 responses to “Post Master Vs Mobile phone

  1. Janardan Nath

    October 24, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    The main problem with electronic communication is that we do not have thoughtful communication. In early days letters contains some very specious moments, thoughts.
    With electronic communication our reactions are words are instantaneous. Anyway, I enjoyed your writing. Keep it up Stutiba!

  2. stuti ranjeet konwar

    October 25, 2010 at 6:26 am

    thanks dear for your visit and comment…i appreciate your comment on this….keep reading my blogs


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