I must admit that…..

20 Oct

I was very much excited for our most awaited trip to Goa…obviously it was because as we planned to celebrate our 1st Anniversary at Goa itself. I was even more excited on my first visit to Goa as I came to know that at Goa, bikes and cars can be rented to roam the city….it’s really exciting for those who are very much passionate about bike riding like me and my husband.

We rented an Activa there to visit all the points, that is the beaches and the churches…..Goa is surrounded by a large number of beaches….most of the beaches are very famous for foreigners for its natural beauty and of course for the low cost of beers and wines…..we have visited almost all the beaches and almost the whole city because of the rented Activa…it was very comfortable for us and even more energetic to enjoy the trip….this system is infact more convenient for all the tourists.

As per the plan, my husband asked me to ride the Activa a bit….I was fully confident about the riding of an Activa….but unfortunately when I started I failed to control myself and hit a car slightly touching its body…..we were not injured…but I lose my confidence and surrendered myself and returned it to my husband again.

My mood became a bit off for the incident….it was happened on our Anniversary day….I simply pray to God to keep us safely at Goa….but just after the incident around half an hour later my husband again asked me to ride the Activa…I was quite confused since I did not get back my confidence yet….but he insisted to ride it again for few meters….or for few kilometers…..I took the Activa and seriously covered some distance with full confidence…..I got back my confidence again…..

Some people should not be praised in the front….or at the public places….but I must admit that that day I simply thanked my husband for the support and care he had shown towards me….without any doubt, any hesitation he gave me the second chance only to get back my confidence…he was full confident that I could do that and he gave me the logic behind it that if I did not ride the Activa again I could have not been able to ride it any more in future.

“If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been”……Robert H.Schullar.


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3 responses to “I must admit that…..

  1. Lipi

    October 20, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Good that you got your confidence back !! btw did you visit all the beaches from north to south? gr8!! Never been to south goa but heard that south goa beaches are very picturesque and unspoilt so far unlike Calagute n Baga. We hv a plan to go to Palolem this year end. Which one you found better ? North or South Goa ?

  2. afzalhussain

    October 26, 2010 at 8:12 am

    Very good post. Ranjeet did the best thing to encourage you to drive the Activa even though you failed to control in your first attempt. This kind of gesture is rare to be seen nowadays. You’ll find abundant number of people who will try to pull you down in your success, but rarely find someone who is eager to pull you up when you are down.

  3. stuti ranjeet konwar

    November 1, 2010 at 4:58 am

    Yes Raza da…thats why I am quite Lucky for being his life partner..


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