You are really unlucky..

19 Oct

When I was single I had some conditions regarding my marriage….not a long listed conditions…but still some thing which can not be neglected.

First I wanted to continue my career at any circumstances….I have a strong point in support of my career. We people consider our final exams very seriously…if something happens in between the final exams we never give up our study…we are trying to continue it at any cost….JUST like that I want to continue my research at any circumstances…no matter how much fellowship I am getting today…but for whatever I am today, I am quite satisfied about it.

The second condition was the person with whom I am going to spend my whole life should be from my own caste and should stay within my Homeland Assam….but due to some unavoidable circumstances which I think may be only for Ranjeet Konwar I had to relax my second condition…i.e. to stay outside Assam. In staying outside Assam was a very tough job for me…still it is a tough one for me….as I am very much Home sick and things become difficult to me in staying away from my family, especially from my MAA.

Second thing is that I like my mother tongue very much….staying away from your home means the usage of your mother tongue will be less…people are lucky enough who get a friend circle using the same mother tongue outside their homeland. We are also quite lucky here in Mumbai….since we are having a very good get together once in a month and all our friends over here are very much interested in our own culture…..I like this concept.

Staying away from your home does not mean that you have to take others’ culture and forget your origin…I believe so. So while I decided to shift to Mumbai I also decided to maintain my own culture at my best….no matter where I am.

During my last visit to Assam, one day in Guwahati, I was in a city bus on the Zoo road….I noticed two girls talking to each other in English…among them I guessed one might stay outside Assam or might be outside India….the girl who was still in Guwahati asked the other one whether she remembered the Assamese language or not. She replied simply without any hesitation that she forgot almost the language….now she could simply understand some lines only!!!!!!!

Terrific….if you forget your own mother tongue means you forget the way to your own home….you forget your own mother…..I simply showed my simple sympathy silently for both the girls who forgot their mother tongue by staying away from her homeland and who avoided speaking her mother tongue staying in her homeland….I wished for both of them that one day they might not forget who actually they were….

During my studies I met many friends who were comfortable in all the languages except Assamese…I was quite doubtful about the language system they were using at home….in which languages they communicated with their grand parents or grand grand parents….but I am still having some friends who use Assamese in writing letters even love letters and maintain a good literary culture by learning it at home since their schooling was in English medium where Assamese was not taught to them.

If you are fluent in English then it is not required to practise the language…..speaking English is a good job as well as learning different languages is also very appreciable…but it should not be good enough that one day you forget actually which language is your mother tongue…

Believe me, in Mumbai, everyday I am searching some one who speaks in Assamese…..those who are using English in their own homeland, I am simply saying that you people are the most unlucky person in the world not realizing what actually you are missing ……..


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2 responses to “You are really unlucky..

  1. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    October 20, 2010 at 3:00 am

    You are absolutely true.I have also seen such people …

  2. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    October 20, 2010 at 3:06 am

    hey,one thing I like to tell you that whatever you write I like.I like your thinking,I like the way you express your feelings…..your concept…..everything.Keep it up…


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