Strictly prohibited…

18 Oct

When we visit a new place, we generally try to visit all the important points of that place including the Museums and Art Galleries also. At a place where the things are very precious, which should be kept privately for the owners only…one notice we often observed..”Photography and Video are strictly prohibited”.

But do you think you have followed it strictly at all places???

Last year December, I visited the Taj Mahal with my cousin sister…it was my first visit to Agra and infact the most awaiting visit ever. When I saw the most beautiful monument I have ever seen in my life, I wanted to capture some of the still lives of that monument. It is genuine…I think every body wants to bring some memories of the places they visit along with them. That’s why we were taking photographs of the Taj Mahal here and there as if we wanted to carry the whole Taj Mahal along us. But inside the Taj Mahal we noticed “Photography and Video strictly prohibited”. Also we observed some people taking photographs inside the Taj and infact just infront of the prohibited line without any hesitation.

I also could not resist my temptation in clicking the Taj inside. I was just about to click it, then suddenly one young boy who was minutely observing the great architectural works of the Taj, requested us not to click any photographs inside it as it is prohibited there. I became so ashamed of that that I left the place at that moment closing my one eye for those who were still clicking.

Till today’s date, I have visited most of the important places in India. But every where I have seen some people who are violating the rules…..infact violating the rules seems to be their one type of victory. But I have met some people also who follow the rules strictly and never try to take any photographs with their camera or mobile and visit the places nicely and calmly….among them we find the foreigners in a large number.

Last few days, we visited Goa, which is famous for the huge number of churches which carry different historical backgrounds also…the churches are architecturally so rich that everybody wishes to carry the beautiful picture along with them….but there also it is strictly prohibited everywhere. So the only way to carry the picture is to carry it in your heart and mind..not in your camera. This is one of the best ways of showing the respect to that culture and to follow the rule of their system. Violating the rule means we can not respect their culture….if we can not respect them then no need to carry their memories also.

You don’t believe that when we visited Budh Gaya (Bihar), there we saw that some people touched the Big Budha Statue by knocking His feet. Their main intention was to identify the material which was used in making the statue. But to our great surprise, we noticed that some monks and some Budhist tourists immediately rub the feet by their cloth which they use while praying without a single word protesting them.

Be the good tourist and try to let others good one also…otherwise do not visit any places…just stay at home peacefully where you need not to follow other’s rule.


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2 responses to “Strictly prohibited…

  1. Michael Whitney

    October 18, 2010 at 8:44 am

    I agree to the views expressed by the author….cheers!!

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    November 3, 2010 at 7:22 pm

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