Have you ever done it???

11 Oct

When I was in Higher Secondary 1st year, I got the National Scholarship….not exactly got…got the chance to apply for it. My mother was quite happy for it than me…she personally collected the required forms and everything. But unfortunately for some reason, I tore the form…..due to some circumstances I finished everything which I got by the merit.

This incident hurt my mother rather than me….being a teenager I could not control neither my anger nor my emotions. That day my mother repented for being unable to control my anger. She admitted that she did not even get the chance to apply for a National Scholarship for her siblings. Through me only, she got the first chance to apply for a scholarship at National level…but I finished everything. She became very upset thinking that if I would continue my same attitude throughout my life, then she would never get another chance. That made me realized also. I simply realized for the mistake I committed that day. It should not be done not for me but for my mother.

Anger makes people devil…I believe so. We should have sufficient anger..I agree with it also….but should not carry it all the time. We become angry when things come in the wrong way..its natural…but it should not reach to that level that we become wrong for whatever we do the harmful. I personally believe that if anger stands at the tip of your nose, then people will take the chance for it. I personally experienced many situations due to my instant anger…I even lose some good relations also and later I came to know that my anger was used for all those incidents.

That day I promised myself never to tear any official documents and currency for any circumstances.

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