Who should be blamed??

08 Oct

My friend has lost her husband just after the one year of their marriage…her husband left her giving her one baby in her womb….there is still 4 months away from the delivery due date. People become very sorry about the circumstances and even become more conscious about the misfortune of my friend. According to the society, my friend is the one and only one culprit for all the happenings in her life…the same view is from her in-laws also. For them, she is completely blamed for the death of her husband…in fact her coming baby is much more blamed for the death of her/his father who has left her/him before arrival. There is no strength for my friend to protest the society..she also agrees with the society blaming her misfortune.

She simply considers herself as the unfortunate for all the obstacle she has to pass by…she prepares herself silently for the coming future which she has to overcome with her baby…if she would not be pregnant she could have finished her life also along with her husband….but now she has to live her life only to give life to her baby..only to keep alive the memories of her husband by her baby.

That’s why she keeps herself silent without a single word against the society and the family members who constantly keep blaming her for the whole situation naming her as ill omen.

But who is the actual ill omen??? Her husband…who left her alone for the rest of her life with the little kid..or she….who herself makes stronger to overcome the coming future with the least hopes……

Who should be blamed??? Her husband..who left before facing any obstacles letting her face everything and made her life empty…or she…who has to fill her life again with the memories of her husband…..

Just think….

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One response to “Who should be blamed??

  1. Ishani Ipshita Sarma

    February 16, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    not the husband and your friend..but the people who blame them should be blamed back.


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